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Vitalik Buterin – Would Develop Ethereum Blockchain Differently, Going Back in Time

Vitalik Buterin, in Hashing It Out podcast conducted on July 2, expressed how Ethereum blockchain could have been developed differently if he were to start now.

The co-founder of Ethereum blockchain also highlighted a plethora of modifications, both small and large, including modifications related to gas costs.

Buterin also opined that the job done initially was not commendable.

After referring to gas prices and other minute amendments carried out from the beginning, Buterin discussed about big changes related to Ethereum blockchain.

Pointing to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and sharding as the most important features, Buterin said “We definitely did kind of underestimate how much time it would take to finish a lot of the things that we didn’t start back in 2015.”

He added:

“Had we known that it would end up taking us years, we probably would have designed the roadmap differently and thought about what the different teams would be working on differently and making a lot of decisions in that regard in a very different way from how we are now, so, I think, definitely a lot of regrets and wasted time in that regard.”

In his elaborate talk, the blockchain professional expressed remorse for the loss of time with respect to many other elements related to the technical aspect of the network, encompassing a multiplicity of subjects and notions.

Work related to Ethereum 2.0 (ETH 2.0) has been going on for a while. Initially anticipated in January 2020, ETH 2.0 has experienced multiple postponements. Buterin, earlier this week, discussed about systematic scaling of transaction processing capacity by Ethereum blockchain.

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