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Alethea to Roll Out Decentralized Platform for Deepfakes and Synthetic Content

A decentralized Synthetic content Network is rolled out by Alethea AI to monitor the utilization and intellectual property of content created using AI.

The company intends to provide a broad choice of content, including but not restricted to face-altered deepfake videos.

Alethea acts as a production studio for creating content using AI, having earlier published a video portraying the face of Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, in a martial arts background.

A video on climate change, primarily released to create good opinion about deepfakes, was another content that was released.

Duplicate (synthetic) content is frequently blamed for sham news. These videos utilize AI-powered voice and face restoration to create natural looking clones of popular figures.

While the tech is usually used only for memes, some claim that they could be utilized for maneuvering media.

Alethea is making efforts to unveil a system for precisely revealing content created using AI and only permitting it with the permission of the person being displayed.

The platform utilizes blockchain technology to store documents related to ownership and authorization, and also guarantee that the developers have total ownership over the AI software they employ. Alethea’s native crypto will power the platform by offering rewards for interactions between players in the ecosystem.

Along with face-altering deep fakes, Alethea wishes to empower its client to develop other kinds of content. For illustration, Alethea can be used to create content in which a celebrity could be made to perform specific actions such as read a book, dance or give inspiring speeches.

Content created with Alethea will be tagged as satirical and will have watermarks to precisely demark them from real content. The venture’s primary objective is to provide easy access to AI, facilitate creativity via the technology such that it would not breach the rights of individuals involved.

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