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Blockchain Powered Fantasy Sports App Goes Live on Polygon Mainnet

Fantazy is a freshly created decentralised fantasy sports app on the Polygon Mainnet. The app employs blockchain technology to produce a secure and orderly ledger of cryptocurrency activities. Fantazy intends to provide trustless web3 framework to the fantasy sports market, which has been besieged by platforms employing opaque data retention and bots to defraud customers of prize money.

The creator of Fantazy, Naveen Saraswat, voiced his enthusiasm for the debut, stating: “We are really happy to introduce Fantazy to the Main Net. Our key business model is to deliver trustless web3 framework to the fantasy sports business, which is plagued by platforms employing murky data storage and bots introduced to games to artificially inflate user involvement and defraud their customers out of the winnings. We want individuals to discover fantasy sports without surrendering their hard-earned cash or falling victim to any type of deception.”

Along with its notoriety for creativity, Fantazy has been lauded for offering a fair and equitable forum for fantasy game aficionados. Additionally, it is readily available and user-friendly. Saraswat further stated: “Fantazy is reinventing the industry through the prism of distributed systems and decentralisation. Fantazy is also eliminating the unjust distribution models and huge margins of current platforms. We employ powerful smart contracts to build a scalable, more equitable, and open fantasy sports application. It also contains user-profiles and gamification to build a web3-native community aspect.”

Fantazy trusts in an inter-chain tomorrow and lets users to engage with any kind of currency, beginning with Matic, with no token-gating. Users now have the opportunity to join and gain in their preferred token. Back I n July, the firm secured $50,000 from angel investors in a pre-seed stage and is currently  getting ready for its seed round. Fantazy has opened the road for creativity and openness in the fantasy game sector, and it intends to unveil numerous innovations that will further transform the market in the coming years.


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