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SingularityNET Partners with HARA To Improve Agriculture via Blockchain

Leading AI firm SingularityNET, whose console allows everyone to develop, share and generate revenue from AI related services, revealed at the World Web Forum in Zurich a joint venture with HARA to deliver Indonesian farmersAI-driven crop diagnostics and big data analytics.

HARA intends to provide vital information on the blockchain, such as soil fertility, market price of grain and land possessorship, so agriculturalists can boost their annual yield.

Arif Khan, SingularityNET VP Of Marketing and Partnerships, said “From its conception, SingularityNET has been committed to broadening access to AI. We want to see a world where AI is open and decentralized—accessed and influenced by all.

HARA’s grassroots focus falls right in line with this goal. In Indonesia, family-owned farms represent the core of the country’s economy, but that’s not reflected in the distribution of wealth. This partnership will help change that and as a native of the ASEAN region, we couldn’t be prouder to see a leading player like HARA tackle this challenge head-on.”

Entire data feeded into HARA can be stored, peer-verified, rated, bought and sold by tokens and enciphered in an unalterable manner. In partnership with SingurlityNET, HARA can capitalize on the decentralized AI platform of SingularityNET, thereby enhancing its potential to access algorithms that can troubleshoot and recognize crop infections for considerably better agricultural output.

In addition, the strategic partnership will additionally take forward ongoing research by SingularityNET on computerized crop analysis in return to field-related disease outbreaks all across the world, which aims explicitly to draw more AI tools and other resources to agriculturists in developing nations.

Regi Wahyu, CEO at HARA, said “HARA is targeting smallholder farmers. We want to connect these farmers with financial institutions and distributors, transition them to blockchain, and arm them with a leapfrog technology that equips them with better data so they can have better yields.

SingularityNET offers a truly versatile team of AI experts, while we offer unrivaled access to labelled and innovative data. And we all care deeply about data entrepreneurship, creating frictionless payments, building symbiotic communities, and integrating blockchain technology.”

Briefly, using the HARA platform, financial firms, insurers and fertilizer manufacturers can gather information. The likely result: significantly cheaper client acquisition for companies, quick loan outlays and better debt repayment rates. Again, farmers are not only monetizing data, but gain access to enormous volume of basic data, filtered and almost live data that can enhance yields.

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