Tron Blockchain Unveils Sidechain Scaling Solution Sun Network, Prioritizes Listing In US Exchanges August 12, 2019 August 12, 2019 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Tron Blockchain Unveils Sidechain Scaling Solution Sun Network, Prioritizes Listing In US Exchanges

Justin Sun, founder of Tron (TRX) blockchain and head of Tron foundation, has stated that his primary objective is to get the cryptocurrency listed on the Binance or Coinbase platform serving US clients.

In other news, decentralized applications (DApps) platform Tron has unveiled Sun network, the sidechain scaling solution.

The details were provided by Sun while responding to tweets from crypto enthusiasts who were worried about missing the chance of trading TRX on Binance platform for being a US citizen.

There were expressions of uneasiness after the first list of 30 cryptocurrency assets that were explored for listing in the US focused Binance platform did not include Tron.

Concerns about Tron missing in the list of probable coins to be listed in Binance were expressed in a tweet by TronSpark.

The tweet received reply from Sun saying “Yes. It is our #1 priority now. We will have a full team including me dedicated to this matter. We will get all these things done with #TRON speed! #TRX $TRX.”

Sun expressed his apologies for the delay and acknowledged that Tron should be listed in as many US exchanges as possible. He also promised Tron community of progress by the end of 2019.
Even though there are worries that Tron will disappear in the US, on a positive note, it should be remembered that TRX is being offered for trading on Bittrex and eToro, two compliant exchanges in North America.

More importantly, Tron continues to move forward with its objective of becoming a top player in the blockchain and crypto sector through the release of Sun Network, the initial version of its scalability solution and the creation of decentralized applications on sidechains.

Tron unveiled the V1.0 code for the Sun Network, a scaling solution created to improve and guarantee unlimited scaling capability of the Tron mainnet. This will enable let DApps burn up a reduced amount of energy and function with better safety and capability on Tron.

The document further states that the Sun Network allows smart contract trades and can be customized for several processes, including sidechain incentives, confirmation speed and transaction rates, among others.

The posts further elaborates as follows

“The overall solution of the Sun Network will provide unlimited scalability to the Tron MainNet, allowing for more possibilities to the development of Tron DApps and the entire ecosystem. The solution also strives to bring positive impacts to the whole blockchain industry while flourishing the Tron network.”

Tron had previously informed about its plan to widen the second layer scalability solution in spring, with network’s testnet launch in late May. The blockchain network has also stated that it intends to unveil an optimization procedure for enhancing the simplicity of using the network and enabling the installation of sidechains in mid-September.

Back in August, Sun asserted that the initial version of Sun Network will permit for 100x scalability and the creation of decentralized applications on sidechains, and also permitting for extended smart contract execution period, and interchain withdrawals and deposits.

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