Nvidia Aids Ubex To Develop Blockchain, AI Based Marketing Platform June 18, 2018 June 18, 2018 Carolyn Dawson
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Nvidia Aids Ubex To Develop Blockchain, AI Based Marketing Platform

Nvidia, a visual computing technology leader and inventor of the GPU (Graphics card) for gaming, is reported to be working with a startup called Ubex to develop a blockchain technology and artificial intelligence based smart online marketing platform that can efficiently present advertisements on websites.

Ubex, which was accepted into the Inception Program run by Nvidia earlier this month, aims to use the technology to create a neural network, which can mimic human brain, and improve the manner in which advertisements are presented on websites.

Abhinav Agrawal, a spokesperson of the startup, informed that Ubex will use a distributed ledger to store data and present ads to the relevant customers. Commenting on the use of blockchain technology, Ubex co-founder and CEO Artem Chestnov said that it enables the system to achieve transparency and speed of transactions.

Chestnov said

“Any AI needs datasets to work more effectively and to learn. Training an AI requires a lot of effort. The blockchain base will allow us to attract thousands of sources of information that will be used to enrich our AI’s database and make it faster, smarter, stronger and more efficient.”

Ubex has already release the prototype of its platform for testing. The primary objective of the Nvidia Inception Program is to provide data science and artificial intelligence startups with necessary resources to complete the development and marketing of high-end products. Agrawal said these resources include educational and marketing tools, as well as adequate data sets to train the startup’s neural network.

Arjun Dutt who heads Nvidia Inception Program confirmed the inclusion of Ubex in the Incubation Program. Dutt said that the use of blockchain is not a definite requirement for consideration. Nvidia said that it was impressed with the planned application of the system developed by Ubex.

Arjun Dutt said

“The main area of interest is their use of deep learning [and] neural networks for better online advertising algorithms.”

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