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Tron May Skyrocket If It Launches The Proposed Chat Facility

In its path towards decentralization of the internet, Tron (TRX) has achieved yet another milestone. The blockchain network, which touts itself as competitor to Ethereum (ETH), is planning to launch TronChat, a decentralized app (DApp) which pays to use the platform.

If this works as planned, then Tron would become one of the most popular blockchain networks in the world as social media platforms generally make money from its user’s interaction and not the other way round.

Tronchat is determined to give a tough fight to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Users with good online presence and followers consistently leverage their popularity to gain clicks, increase webpage visitors and even earn money by assisting people to place advertisements or similar works. To grab a big pie of the market share currently held by those aforesaid social media platforms, TronChat offers a wide range of functions.

Additionally, TronChat also enables its users to generate revenue. The chat platform is built on Tron blockchain and TRX token, without any surprise, acts as the native currency of the platform. Users will be able to award or send tokens to each other on Tronchat.

Tron team, in its blog post, has stated that it is trying to achieve what other social media platforms have not done so far i.e. allow users to make money.

The blog post says

“Social media was never built for you to make money. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others were built for the sole purpose of generating profits for the platforms based on your user activity and personal data. TronChat was created to fix this paradigm, and allow users to make money from their everyday interactions with social media.”

The post says that TronChat will enable users to share contents such as pictures, videos and audios. Even story-sharing feature is available. The major difference is users can monetize their contents by setting the TRX tokens to be paid for accessing it.

Furthermore, instant messaging is also made available on TronChat. Notably, tokens can also be sent through messages as an attachment. Users could even setup a ‘direct update’ in order to get notified when others update their feeds. Tokens can be attached to feeds. As a result, survey that pays instantaneous rewards is possible.

Tokens can also be exchanged in chat rooms. Furthermore, room creators can be tipped.

Chatrooms have been made as an integral part of this new app, wherein tokens can be exchanged, and room creators can be tipped.

The app is in the final stage of completion. So, users will be able to download it soon.

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