Terms of Use – Coin Trust – Terms and Conditions Page

In the following section of our website we are going to be listing our entire set of terms and conditions that are in place on the www.cointrust.com website and as such I invite you to read this section of the website in full.

For Information Purposes Only

All of the content found on this website is supplied as for information purposes only.

Therefore at no time can we be held responsible for any errors and omissions on this website and you need to be aware that investing in cryptocurrencies does pose its own unique risks, and we are in no way encouraging you to buy or sell or invest in any digital currencies, on a mobile device or in any trading environment.

Plus, we cannot be held responsible for any losses you may make when you buy or sell or trade cryptocurrencies in any environment, and we do advise you to ensure that you set your own limits if you do wish to trade anywhere and in any environment too.

Contact Coin Trust

Please be aware that you can contact with the team here at the Coin Trust website at any time and you are more than welcome to do so. You will find our full contact details are displayed on the contact us section of this website.

There is of course a direct link to the contact us page of this site on each page. We aim to respond to all emails sent in to us rapidly however they may be a short delay if you contact us out of office hours of over a weekend or during any public holidays.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

The laws surrounding the legal age to buy or sell digital currencies can and do vary from country to country, and as such you are required to ensure that you are the legal age to trade to both make use of our website and also to buy or sell digital currencies anywhere.

Contact Found on Third Party Websites

All content, including written content, images and the layout and designed on this website are protected by copyright, and as such you are not permitted to copy anything found on this website.

You may be allowed to and be given permission to link to any articles, news sorties or trading guides found on this website, but please do make contact us if you wish to link to or quote any of the written content found on this website, and ask for our approval to do so.

Cookies in Use on This Website

There are cookies in use on this website and they are there to give you a much more tailored type of visiting experience, each time you re-visit this website we will place another cookie onto your device.

Keep in mind that a cookie is going to be placed on either your computer or mobile device depending on how you have chosen to connect to this website but at all times you are going to be able to remove that cookie from your computer or device.

Third Party Websites

As you peruse this website we may mention or have text or banner links to some other websites that we feel may be of interest and of use to you however those websites are not own nor operated by us.

But we cannot be held responsible for any content found on any third party websites that we have linked to or that we have mentioned on this website.

If you do check out and visit any third party websites please do be aware that they are going to have their own terms and conditions and their own privacy policies in use on their respective websites, and as such you should familiarize yourself with those terms and conditions.

Risks Associated with Digital and Cryptocurrencies

If you are thinking about buying any digital currencies then please do ensure you set some limits in regards to how much you are prepared to spend when trading.

There are also going to be a lot of different risks with you buying and also selling digital currencies and I would strongly advise you to ensure that you are at all times aware of those risk, and also hen buying digital currencies of any type you must also ensure you have them stored somewhere safely too, to negate the possibility of you having them stolen or misused.

The best run and digital currency exchanges are going to offer you the option buying any unit of digital currencies you wish to buy and will also be the ones that have the lowest fees and charges too, and fees and charges are going to vary depending on just which digital currency exchange you use!


We do have a very robust privacy policy is in place throughout this website. If you wish to visit and read through that privacy policy then please simply follow the links that you will find to it on each page of this website.

It should be noted that we will always adhere to our privacy policy, and if you do wish to make contact with us you can of course do so as mentioned above.

Regulation of Digital Currency Exchanges

The world of digital currencies is of course an ever changing and ever evolving one, and as such at this moment in time there are no regulatory procedures in place that enable any individual country of the world to license or regulate digital currency exchanges or those companies supplying digital wallets.

It is with that in mind that as a user of any type of digital currencies you always need to ensure that the ones you do make use of are ones that are reliable and have been around for a while, as there are lots of new start up digital currencies coming online l of the time, each of which will have additional risks associated with you using them.

Complaints about Digital Currency Exchanges

If you have any complaints or any unresolved issues of any type with any digital currency exchange then you will be best advised to contact them directly.

You could find that some digital currency exchanges will have on offer something that is known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution channel, and you will be able to make contact with their chosen ADR and that third part organisation will then review your complaint and make a ruling upon it.

All Alternative Dispute Resolution services are completely independent of the trading site, and as such they are offering a truly independent and unbiased resolution service. The details of any gambling sites ADR will be found somewhere on their website or on their Licensing Authorities website.

Any Ongoing Changes to Our Terms and Conditions

One final thing to note is that any changes we make to any of the terms and conditions for using our website then we will of course then see us update this web page and will time stamp any and all changes too. The last time this web page and these terms and conditions were updates was on the 10th of January.