Bitkub Chain Unveils Ambitious Plans to Become Thailand’s Leading Blockchain Ecosystem

Bitkub Chain, Thailand’s leading blockchain network, has unveiled a bold roadmap for 2024, with a focus on becoming the foundational pillar for the national blockchain ecosystem.

At the recent 3rd Bitkub Chain Developer Meet-Up (BKCDM), the company shared its vision for the future, which includes a number of key initiatives, including:

These initiatives, together with Bitkub Chain’s existing achievements, such as the transition from Proof-Of-Stake-Authority to Proof-Of-Stake and the integration of KUB coin across seven major digital asset trading platforms, demonstrate the company’s commitment to building a robust and inclusive blockchain ecosystem in Thailand.


Bitkub Chain’s ambitious plans for 2024 are a significant development for the Thai blockchain sector. The company’s focus on user experience, innovation, and global expansion is well-aligned with the needs of the growing blockchain community in Thailand and beyond.

The launch of Bitkub NEXT 2.0, in particular, has the potential to make Bitkub Chain’s ecosystem more user-friendly and accessible to a wider range of users. The integration of NFT-1155 support and the introduction of NEXT Credit are also notable additions that could help Bitkub Chain to differentiate itself from other blockchain platforms.

The development of Bitkub NFT 2.0 and the Bitkub Metaverse Mobile Version are also significant steps forward. The NFT market is booming, and Bitkub Chain is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth. The Bitkub Metaverse, in particular, has the potential to be a major draw for users, providing a new and immersive way to interact with the digital world.

Bitkub Chain’s expansion plans are also noteworthy. The listing of KUB coin on major digital asset trading centers will give the token a global reach and make it more accessible to investors. The BKC Developer Pitch initiative is also a positive development, as it will help to attract top-tier developers to the Bitkub Chain ecosystem.

Overall, Bitkub Chain’s roadmap for 2024 is ambitious but achievable. If the company is able to successfully execute on its plans, it could become the leading blockchain ecosystem in Thailand and play a major role in the development of the Thai digital economy.

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