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Cryptocurrency is a concept that is still in its infancy, and is thus shrouded in confusion, speculation, contradicting information and there may even be an information overload which simply overwhelms potential investors and scares them away from getting involved. Furthermore, the fact that there are several scam cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and even scam crypto coins themselves certainly does not help the cause.

If you happen to be interested in cryptocurrencies, but are hesitant to dive into the thick of the action in fear or being swindled then you have to come to the right place. At, you can find all the information you need to stay on top of your trading game. First hand reviews of crypto currency exchanges, reviews of crypto coins, reviews of crypto currency wallets, tips and tricks on how to buy cryptocurrency, best practices in terms of trading and a whole lot more is readily available to you right at your fingertips.

Any new developments in the crypto currency universe and you will be able to find relevant and extensive updates and articles at about the same. Was a crypto exchange hacked? Want the down low? You will be able to get all the information right here at

Unbiased reviews is your all in one repository for all things crypto. We test and review crypto coins, exchanges and wallets so you don’t have to take a chance or a risk with your own money. Need to know if a crypto website or exchange is a scam? Well, at, we have a blacklist that we keep updated at all times, unlike other blacklists you may find elsewhere on the world wide web which pretty much have the proverbial spider web on them. doesn’t only give you an abundance of factual information that is updated at all times, but it is also a guinea pig which tries and tests all new coins, wallets and exchanges and gives you first hand feed back as to what is good, and what is to be avoided.

Pick the right crypto currency exchange/wallet

It is a pity that a lot of people are driven away from investing in cryptocurrencies like the bitcoin because of the risk of falling victim to a bitcoin scam. What you should know is that like with any other online industry, there are definitely a few bad apples in the online cryptocurrency universe, however, this is not to say that there aren’t also extremely useful, intuitive, legitimate, safe and secure crypto currency platforms and exchanges out there. can not only help you find these quality exchanges and wallets, but we can also give you in depth, first hand reviews as to the different features, pros and cons of the service, and much more which will help you pick out the perfect exchange/wallet.

How we review crypto services – our process explained

Most so called “reviews” of crypto coins, crypto exchanges and crypto wallets are biased, tailored and sometimes just utter lies. Putting a review out on the internet is something any Tom, Dick or Harry can do. In fact, most reviews you may come across are usually written by persons that have never even visited the exchange they are reviewing, or used the wallet they are reviewing or worked with the altcoin that they are reviewing.

Coming to the point, the fact of the matter is that you simply cannot trust any review that you read on the internet. What you need is a trusted source that gives you facts like it is and that is where comes into the equation. At, every review we put out is unbiased, raw and unapologetic. If something is not right, if something is lacking, if a crypto exchange or wallet is subpar, we will ensure to highlight it. If a crypto website or service is a scam we will most certainly expose it by adding it to our blacklist. What you must know about our review process is that we actually test out the product or the service we are reviewing extensively. We do not consider what other reviews have to say. First hand, factual information is what you are getting. Further, as much as possible, reviews will remain objective and we keep subjective fluff to the minimum.

Therefore, at, our review process involves using an exchange or a wallet, trading using the service. Trying out all the features being offered on the service. Checking support for altcoins, checking what trading pairs are supported and extensively contrasting and comparing it with other similar exchanges and wallets.

Factors we consider when reviewing a crypto exchange or wallet

A crypto exchange is like a forex exchangefor crypto currencies instead of traditional fiat currencies. This is a common platform for buyers and sellers to trade altcoins. There is a lot to consider when choosing which exchange is best suited for you and when reviews an exchange, you can trust that they have holistically regarded all aspects of the exchange first – hand. Some main factors considered when we are assessing a crypto currency exchange platform are –

  1. Features – each exchange offers different features. We will break these down for you so you know what to expect. Does the exchange offer real time graphs? Does it give you trading tips and tools? What are the pros and cons of the exchange.
  2. Support – some exchanges only support crypto coins while others support both crypto and fiat currencies. What trading pairs are supported? Can you buy crypto using normal fiat currency?
  3. Fees – what sort of fees are levied on transactions? Is it industry standard? Is it expensive? Is it worth it? How does it compare to the fees being taxed by other crypto exchanges?
  4. Location – some exchanges are only available in certain countries, we will list these countries for your quick reference.
  5. Customer support – does the crypto exchange offer live chat support? How long do they take to respond to email queries? Is the FAQ section any good? Do they have a hotline you can reach out to them on? Is support available 24 hours a day?
  6. Security – one of the most important things when it comes to an exchange is ensuring that it is using the latest and greatest encryption technologies. Are there any risks involved in doing business or creating an account with this exchange? Has there been any reported hacks in the past – if so, how bad was it? How did the exchange compensate their users if the users faced loss? Etc.
  7. Blacklist – One of the easiest ways to avoid trouble when considering crypto coins, exchanges or wallets is to check it against our blacklist. This is something that is regularly updated and if you do happen to find an exchange or wallet or crypto coin listed on here, simply steer well clear of it and you will be safe.

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