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Please do familiarise yourself with the following Privacy Policy as it is the one that is in use throughout the website. By continuing to use our website that is taken as your approval of this privacy policy.

Cryptocurrency Related Newsletters

We may from time to time offer you our email newsletters, and if that is something you are interested in and wish to be sent them out the be aware that to sign up to our email newsletter you will be required to give us some of your personal information.

Be aware that any personal information requested by us may include your name and the country I which you reside and also your email address so that we can send out our newsletter to you.

By you giving us your personal information that does all you to receive our newsletter will be stored securely using the very highest of safety protocols, and your personal information will only be used for its intended purpose, that being sending you out our newsletters.

You are of course completely free to unsubscribe from any newsletter that we do send out to you, and you will be able to do so by clicking on the respective unsubscribe link in each newsletter, and then following the onscreen instructions, by doing so we will then unsubscribe you from our email database as quickly as we possibly can do.

Leaving Comments and Posting on This Website

Quite of lot of website visitors do like to leave posts, comments and feedback on any of the news stories, articles and guides of which we have a great many of them displayed and available throughout this website.

If you interested in doing so then please be aware to be able to make any posts, comments or leave your feedback on this website you are first going to have to register to do so.

To be able to make posts of any type on this website is for you to think up a unique username and also to think up a password too. You will also need to supply us with some of your own personal information and we will keep that information safe and secure.

Try not to leave any comments or posts that may identify you to others unless you wish to do so, and be aware that at all times we reserve the right to remove any posts at any time. If you forget your username or password at any time then you are given the option of having them either sent out to you via email or you can have them reset.

Changes to the Coin Trust Privacy Policy

You may find that we make changes to this privacy policy from time to time and if we do make any changes that we have made to our privacy policy, we time stamp any and all changes to this privacy policy, so please do check it regularly if you revisit our website to see if we have made any changes to this privacy policy.

This privacy policy was last updated on the 10th of January 2018. Also you are advised to also make use and read through the terms and conditions associated with using our website which you can do by following the links to that web page.


The way in which we deliver to you something of an enjoyable and fully tailored website visiting experience we have chosen to use cookies upon and throughout this website.

So do be aware that each time you visit this website we will update any cookie that we have previously placed onto your computer or mobile device, and that will ensure that we present to you information that we feel is going to be of interest to you.

All of our website visitors are not under any obligation however to keep that cookie stored onto your computer for your mobile device, for you can freely delete it at any time of your own choosing.

If you delete any cookies that we have left on your computer or mobile device and then at any time in the future you pay another visit to this website then we are going to place a new cookie onto whatever device you have chosen to use to visit our website.

The vast majority of web surfers however choose to leave that cookie on their computer or mobile device to ensure they do get the best possible experience when visiting this website at any time in the future.

Making Contact with Coin Trust

You may fancy getting in touch with our team you simply need to click onto any of the contact us links you will find on every single page of this website and then you will be taken to our contact form.

If you want a reply from us when filling in that contact form do make sure supply us with your name, email address and any questions that you would like to ask us, we will then get back to you with a reply as soon as we possibly can do.

By making contact with us using our contact us form all of the information you supply us with will be stored safely and securely, and we are only going to be using your email address to send a reply out to your email.

Unless you have requested it we will not send you out any type of marketing materials or advertising material unless you have specifically asked us to do so or if you have signed up to one of our newsletters.

By signing up to any of our newsletter then we may need to supply third parties with your details so that they can send out any tailored promotional offers that you have requested or shown an interest in.

Banners and Text Links to Third Party Websites

If at any time you click onto any of the many links or banners that you will find located and displayed throughout this website to any third party website then we may track your movement from this website to that other website.

The reason for that is that any special offers or promotional deals that we have made available to you in conjunction with those third party websites will become available to you when you arrive at that third party website.

At all times please do be fully aware that when and if you do pay a visit to any third party website that we have links to throughout this website or any third party website that we have mentioned on this website they are going to also have their own unique privacy policies in place.

When you set about visiting any third party website to make sure that you do read through the privacy policies in place at any third party website you choose to visit, and you should also check those websites terms and conditions too, as they will all have their own unique privacy policies and their own unique sets of terms and conditions in place on those websites.