Cookie Policy

Kingsbury House,
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Date issue of this Cookie Policy: April 2018

We would like to draw to your attention that the website uses cookies throughout the website, and a cookie is simply a small text file that is going to be placed onto your computer or the mobile device that you are visiting our website using.

What are Cookies Used for?

To give you an overview of what cookies are used for, below you will find an overview of why we utilize them on the website.

The cookies ensures that:

The website works and operates as it is intended to do

It eradicates the need for you to log in to the website on each visit

The website remembers your settings upon each visit

Gives you access to additional content and services via advertisements

Ensures the security and integrity of the website itself

Enables you to share any pages on social media

Helps us improve our services and offerings to you

Efficiently improves marketing

What are Cookies NOT used for?

Now you know and understand what cookies allow us to offer you let me now look at what our cookies are NOT used for.

Our cookies will never collect any information that can be personally identified as being from you

Unless you allow us to we will not collect any sensitive information from you using cookies

We will not pass onto any third parties any identifiable data you supply is with unless you have given us permission to.

Permission to Use Cookies

If you do visit our website and continue to peruse this website that we will take that as your approval that you are happy to accept our cookies.

However, be aware that at any time of your own choosing you can remove any cookies our server and website will have placed onto your computer or mobile device.

Be aware though that if you do remove any cookies from us when you revisit our website another one will be placed onto your computer or mobile device.

We may also update any cookie or cookies placed onto your computer or mobile device if you revisit this website at any time in the future.

Due to the way websites work you may also have third party website cookies placed onto your computer or mobile device when visiting our website, such as those from our advertisers.

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