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There’s so much buzz about currencies but to be honest there are not many sites that tell the whole story, the true story, about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of digital currencies. As an investor what you are sure to be looking for is information on the best currencies in the market that would give you more bang for your bucks.

Some investors aren’t too sure about the whole idea of these relatively new digital currencies while some are looking for the best crypto-currency exchanges or the top crypto-currency wallets where they can buy, sell and potentially store and profit from their precious bitcoins or altcoins without any hassles.

Why choose us

Call us a team of geeks, experts or veterans in crypto if you wish, there will always be another term that will reflect our passion for the digital currency. Yes, we are early crypto adopters. We have a finger on the pulse of all things crypto and wish to share it through unbiased reviews of every single crypto currency, wallets, and exchanges that exist. Our goal is to help readers find out if a currency is trustworthy or a scam and then purchase coins from the right sources. We can help navigate those complex decisions by making the process less tedious.

Without doubt, every member of our team is a technology lover with a passion to decode interesting stuff about crypto currencies into simple words for the masses. So if you really want to know your crypto we are the right site for you.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive reviews of crypto currency wallets and exchanges
  • Real time coin prices
  • Historical charts and analysis

With users can remain updated about the latest price movements, the volume of trading, the latest trends in local and global markets, and a lot more. Our guides will not only educate new users on crypto currencies but also give them a peek into the world of crypto currency mining and how hashing works. You won’t find any secret sauce to getting rich quick but you will find plenty of ammo to become a smart crypto currency trader.

Everything we highlight, discuss or present is after we’ve done all the homework so you won’t be alone in the journey. We believe what we learn along the way will be of great help to investors looking for some new avenues to potentially take home a profit.

Every exchange is different and has its own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, an exchange may appeal to one and not the other. For example, if you want to only buy bitcoins with the objective of transferring them to your own storage then your needs are different from those who plan to trade their bitcoins against fiat or other currencies to make a profit.

Stick around with and you will learn how to select a reputed exchange with a good track record. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Remember, it’s all about investing smartly. Never put more in crypto-currencies than you can afford to lose.

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POC: Kate Leaman

POC: Kate Leaman

CoinTrust Team

Kate LeamanChief Editor

Kate is market industry expert who has spent majority of her life on wall street, she has thought to have a knack at picking the right stocks to invest into. With the rise in cryptocurrencies she has is now able to use her expertise to a new market and give us insights on what we can expect in the present and the future.

David is a forex trader and writer who has spent the last few years giving his opinion and spreading news about oncoming markets and trading tips. Besides from being a trader he is also a lifelong Everton fan and enjoys spending free time watching his beloved team in the premier league.

Doug is an expert in the online casino industry and has written extensively about various matters pertaining to online gambling, cryptocurrencies, its culture, quirks and legalities. In his spare time, he enjoys reading biographies, watching documentaries and spending time with friends and family.

Kelly is our in house crytpto researcher, delving into the stories which matter from blockchains being used in the real world to new ico coming out.

Petar MarkoskiContributor

Petar has spent the last few years following rise of cyptocurrencies, lending insights to the potential icos coming to market as well as how current currencies are operating. Petar background is in the finance sector and is a banker by trader so money is always on the mind.

Joseph YoungContributor

Joseph is a finance and cryptocurrency analyst. He is able to offer unique insights in todays market and future events

Tim GlocksContributor

Tim is a retired professor in economics, this background has enabled him to provide a insight into the cryptomarket. His indepth analysis as well as news on legislations around the world will help you to understand what the state of play is.

Carolyn DawsonContributor

Carolyn Dawson is our resident blockchain expert. With a background technology she is confident she can bring to you the best examples of blockchains which could change the world we live in today

That’s exactly why was born. We offer all this and much more on a single platter. Our aim is to inform, educate and connect the investment community on our interactive platform. It’s the place where both beginners and advanced users can stay a step ahead in the growing digital currency market and make educated and intelligent decisions when it comes to digital currency investments.

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