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Any of the token sales or ICO’s that you see mentioned or reviewed or showcased upon the website is in no way recommended by

As someone who may be interested in investing in an initial coin offering or any type of coin or token sale, you do need to be fully aware of the risks of such investments.

Due to the nature of the often-unregulated world and environment of initial coin offerings and token and coin generation events there may be an increased risk of fraud or insufficient funding and liquidity of them, and they may never move forward or go live.

You should also ensure that you understand fully the risks associated with the project, concept or business idea that is supporting the initial coin offering or token or coin generation events too.

Please do also be fully aware that is at no time now in the past or in the future providing you with any type of investment advice regarding any of the ICO’s or coin or token generation events listed upon the website, and it is your decision as to whether to invest in any of them or not.

You should only base your decision on whether to invest in, buy, sell, use or hold onto any coins or tokens offered once you are aware of the risks and have also taken advise from legally qualified professionals.

Any losses incurred in any way shape or form when investing in, buying, selling or using any coins or tokens or making use of any of the services offered on the website are your losses and we cannot be held responsibility for any losses you may incur.

All information found on the website is always only intended purely for informational and educational purposes. That information is not intended to be and should never be used as a substitute for professional, legal or financial advice.

Nothing you will find on the website is to be thought of as a solicitation for you or anyone else to buy, sell or hold coins and tokens or any type of cryptocurrencies or digital assets.

Also, be aware that is not a broker or a dealer or financial adviser and is not in any way shape or form affiliated with an investment advisory firm

If you do invest in an initial coin offering, coin or token generation event or anything else you see upon the website you must be aware of the risks of doing so and be prepared to lose any investments you make and should only invest money and/or cryptocurrencies that you are prepared to lose.

The initial coin offerings and token generation events you see showcased or reviewed upon the will have their own supporting website, and often a white paper and road map and their own associated terms and conditions too, and as such you should always familiarise yourself with them.

Be aware also that the regulatory and legal frameworks for investing in initial coin offerings and token generation events and possibly also the usage of digital assets and cryptocurrencies can change from country to county.

Therefore, you need to ensure it is legal to use or invest in such based on your country of residence or where you are based currently.

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