Avoiding Delays in Processing Cryptocurrency Sell Orders
Avoiding Delays in Processing Cryptocurrency Sell Orders January 11, 2018 February 24, 2018 David Nugent
NewsJanuary 11, 2018 by David Nugent

Avoiding Delays in Processing Cryptocurrency Sell Orders

If you do have any quantity of any digital currencies then the fastest and most convenient way for you to sell your holdings is by making use of a digital currency exchange, however what many people have been complaining about is there being some very long delays in their sell orders being processed at many different digital currency exchanges.

What you will find is that if the value of any digital currency does start to suddenly drop in value, then a lot of people will be spooked by that fall in the value of their digital currency holdings and will panic and want to sell their holdings.

As such that then causes many digital currency exchanges to get completely overwhelmed with sell orders, and in some cases quite a number of them have crashed, and have gone offline for minutes or even hours.

One thing to keep in mind also is that there does of course need to be buyers willing to buy any digital currencies people want to sell, and under a normal trading environment matching a buyer and seller is relatively simple and those transactions are performed very quickly.

But if there has been a mad panic by a huge number of people trying to sell their digital currencies those transactions can only be processed when buyers are found on the exchange you are using so just be aware that at times there can be delays when selling any digital currencies as it is all about supply and demand!

Other Options for Selling Cryptocurrencies

It is always going to be a difficult decision for you to sell on your Bitcoin holdings, much more so if they have been showing a sharp increase in their value, and that does of course go for all other digital currencies too.

You may end up selling them n and locking in a huge profit, and that is certainly what a lot of people have done, but then you discover that if you have continued to hold onto them you would have made more money!

However, it is going to be up to you and your decision alone as to when you should sell any Bitcoin holdings, and with that in mind I would encourage you to wait until you are happy to sell them but then look around for ways that will see you not losing any additional value but having to pay huge fees and charges.

With that in mind possibly consider not selling your digital currency holdings at a digital currency exchange, but by doing a peer to peer transaction with someone you know and trust as you will save a small fortune in fees and charges by doing so.

You will also find it is possible to walk up to a Bitcoin ATM if that is the digital currency you have holdings of that you wish to sell and can sell them on the sport for local currency! But then again there will be fees and charges associated with you using a Bitcoin ATM so factor them into the equation too!

Never Be Spooked Into Selling Cryptocurrencies

There can be times when many people will be spooked to sell their cryptocurrency holdings, and one time that is going to become very apparent if a cryptocurrency suddenly drops in value, as many people will think there is crash or bubble burst occurring and they will want to get out quick!

However, if you have been watching the digital currency environment for any amount of time then you will have quickly realised that the price of all digital currencies do seem to correct themselves and start to rise again not long after they have suddenly dropped in value.

As such you will rarely see any experience and savvy digital currency users selling their holdings when the price of any of them drop instead they are much more likely to start buying digital currencies when that happens.

So, if you are about to venture into the digital currency environment for the very first time, then please keep a cool levels head and always look at investing in digital currencies as a long term rather than a much short term investment, as that way you are much more likely to see your digital assets grow in value!

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