Cybersecurity Firm Certik Faces Phishing Attack via Compromised Media Account

Blockchain-focused cybersecurity company Certik recently encountered a phishing attack facilitated through the compromise of a verified media account associated with the firm. Despite the incident being swiftly addressed, questions arise about the vigilance in detecting potential threats.

The Phishing Incident:

In a recent announcement, Certik disclosed that a verified account linked to a reputable media outlet contacted one of its employees, subsequently leading to a phishing attack. The compromised account was exploited to post a phishing link on the firm’s X account. Fortunately, Certik acted promptly, removing the malicious link within 14 minutes, thereby preventing substantial losses.

Certik’s Response:

The cybersecurity firm acknowledged the compromise, stating, “Unfortunately, it appears that this account was compromised, leading to a phishing attack on our employee. We quickly detected the breach and deleted the related tweets within minutes. According to our investigation, there is no significant loss due to this incident.”

Blockchain Detective’s Perspective:

However, blockchain detective ZachXBT raised concerns about the Certik employee’s interaction with the suspicious media account. ZachXBT pointed out, “Why did you (Certik) not find the ‘well-known media’ account that contacted you suspiciously since they had not posted since April 2020 (clearly compromised)? Will Certik be reimbursing victims?” Certik responded by urging those affected to contact them directly for assistance.

The Human Element in Cybersecurity:

Certik emphasized the challenges posed by phishing attacks, noting, “While it’s easy to point the finger after a phishing attack, the reality is that these scams are designed to exploit human trust and vulnerabilities.” The company stressed its commitment to developing robust security systems and empowering users to recognize and avoid such threats.


In light of the recent phishing incident, Certik underscores the importance of a united front in combating phishing attacks. The company encourages individuals affected during the Twitter incident to reach out for support. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, maintaining a proactive stance against emerging threats remains paramount for companies like Certik.

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