Phuket to Host Exclusive Blockchain to Government Conference: Shaping Thailand’s Tech Future

Phuket is gearing up to host the groundbreaking Blockchain to Government Conference (B2GC) from January 17th to 19th, 2024, an exclusive and invitation-only event aimed at delving into the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the public sector. This initiative is a collaborative effort between key government agencies—Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Digital Government Development Agency (DGA), and the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA)—and the Finstable Group, a leading blockchain company. The conference will take place at the state-of-the-art Blockchain Technology Center (BTC), symbolizing Phuket’s ascent as a burgeoning tech and innovation hub.

“Exploring Blockchain’s Role in Government Services and Citizen Benefits”

The primary focus of B2GC is to shed light on how blockchain can enhance government services and contribute to the well-being of citizens. Esteemed speakers, both from within Thailand and internationally, will share insights on the potential of blockchain technology. The event will serve as a platform for industry experts, high-ranking officials, and academics to engage in closed-door discussions on the future of mass adoption and workforce education programs related to blockchain technology in Thailand.

“Three Days of Insightful Sessions and High-profile Speakers”

The conference is structured over three days. Day 1 will provide a comprehensive overview of blockchain fundamentals and applications. Day 2 will feature a forum with discussions tailored to topics selected by government officials and the organizing committee. The final day will include crucial discussions with major protocols and a Minister’s address, focusing on the global development of blockchain technology and its potential as a growth engine for Thailand.

The impressive lineup of speakers includes global blockchain luminaries such as Dr. Xiao Feng (CEO) from Hashkey Group, Dr. Xinxi Wang (Co-Founder) from Litecoin Foundation, Zack Gall (Co-founder & CCO) from EOS Network, Alex Blagirev (Strategic Initiatives Officer) from SingularityNET, David Uhryniak (Director of Ecosystem Development) from TRON Dao, and Sebastian R. Cabrera (VP of Product, National ID) from Polygon Labs. Additionally, prominent local figures like Chatchaval Jiaravanon (Chairman) from Velo Labs, Passakorn Pannok and Samnret Wajanasathian (Co-Founder CEO and CTO) from Bitkub Blockchain Technology, Kanyarat Saenngsawang (Country Manager) from Sandbox, and Sathapon Patanakuha (Founder) from Smart Contract Blockchain Studio will also share their insights.

“Bringing Together Public and Private Sectors for National Infrastructure Advancement”

B2GC is not just a conference; it serves as a unique platform for dialogue and collaboration, fostering connections between Thai projects, global blockchain protocols, and key representatives from the private and public sectors. Distinguished attendees include the Minister of Digital Economy and Society, government officials, academia from leading universities, Web3 executives, and top-tier tycoons like Mr. Wichai Thongtang, along with leaders of publicly listed companies such as C.P. Group and IFCG. This collective effort aims to advance Thailand’s national infrastructure.

“Catalyzing Technological Innovation and Mass Adoption”

Prestigious entities like Litecoin Foundation, Hashkey Group, Wanxiang Blockchain, TRON, EOS, SingularityNET, Polygon Labs, and BNB Chain highlight B2GC’s pivotal role as a catalyst for technological innovation in Thailand and the global mass adoption of blockchain. Hosting the event at the Blockchain Technology Center in Phuket emphasizes the city’s commitment to technology and innovation, exemplified by showcasing cutting-edge solutions like the Zeego app for Electric Vehicles (EV) and Virtual Reality Simulations for public functions training.

In line with its commitment to innovation, DEPA, DGA, and ETDA join forces with Finstable, known for its expertise in bridging global leaders and technological advancement in the blockchain arena. The collaboration aims to leverage Finstable’s track record in digital infrastructure, standards setting, and electronic transactions to drive blockchain implementation in Thailand.

“Beyond Thai Digital Wallet: Blockchain’s Expansive Role in Public Governance”

B2GC goes beyond the realm of the Thai Digital Wallet, aiming to emphasize blockchain’s extensive role in public governance, service streamlining, and the enhancement of citizens’ quality of life. The conference stands as a testament to Thailand’s dedication to technological progress and its vision for a blockchain-powered future.

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