ZTX Ventures into Creating 3D Virtual World on Arbitrum Blockchain

ZTX, a prominent player in the crypto and fintech industry, has announced its ambitious plan to establish a novel 3D virtual world utilizing the Arbitrum blockchain, a dominant force accounting for over 60 percent of the Layer-2 market share of Ethereum (ETH). This initiative is poised to revolutionize digital experiences, offering users a multifaceted environment comprising gaming, social interactions, economic participation, governance, and digital asset transactions. The collaboration between ZTX, Jump Crypto, and Zepeto is set to redefine the landscape of blockchain-powered metaverse development.

Building a Multichain Metaverse:

Saurabh Sharma, the Head of Investments at Jump Crypto, highlighted the rationale behind partnering with ZTX, emphasizing their collective strengths, expertise, and proven track record. This alliance is strategically aimed at spearheading the development of a multichain metaverse within the blockchain sphere. This groundbreaking endeavor is poised to introduce a new era of capabilities and functionalities, with the initial phase focusing on an innovative concept known as the “unique new mint.”

Universal Accessibility and Customization:

ZTX’s CEO, Chris, echoed the sentiment of universal accessibility, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing virtual land free of charge. The collaboration with Arbitrum is set to propel the platform’s evolution by offering advanced and customizable templates for 3D avatars, wearables, and other virtual elements. Chris highlighted the importance of catering to the diverse needs of builders and communities while ensuring that the platform remains user-centric.

Empowering Creators and Unlocking Value:

Steven Goldfeder, CEO of Off Chain Labs, the driving force behind Arbitrum, acknowledged ZTX’s ambitious vision of creating an immersive and value-generating 3D open world. He emphasized that Arbitrum’s innovative technology is tailor-made for such ventures, bridging technological gaps and enabling swift, high-performance capabilities for blockchain projects. Goldfeder expressed excitement over ZTX’s utilization of Arbitrum to create value for users and empower creators, ultimately fostering opportunities for a global network of individuals, brands, and partners.

Genesis Home Mint: A New Paradigm:

The upcoming virtual blockchain world will introduce the Genesis Home Mint, a concept that involves the creation of approximately 4,000 distinct 3D homes. These homes come with a range of privileges, including governance rights and exclusive access to future events, games, and airdrops. This innovative approach is set to redefine the concept of digital collectibles by integrating them with exclusivity, access, and economic potential within the rapidly evolving virtual domain.

Insights from a Virtual Artist:

Thank You X, a renowned virtual artist with international recognition, lauded the Genesis Home Mint as an exemplary fusion of digital collectibles and exclusivity. The artist commended ZTX for delivering a promising vision that aligns with the ever-changing demands of the digital landscape. Thank You X expressed enthusiasm for witnessing the unfolding revolution, underscoring the importance of projects that remain steadfast in delivering on their promises.


ZTX’s endeavor to build a 3D virtual world atop the Arbitrum blockchain marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital experiences. This collaboration between industry leaders seeks to reshape the metaverse landscape, offering users a comprehensive and immersive environment that encompasses entertainment, governance, and economic interactions. As the journey unfolds, the world will be watching closely to witness the realization of ZTX’s vision and its transformative impact on the blockchain ecosystem.

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