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Aki Network Forges Partnership with Gas Hero: A Web3 Gaming Revolution

Aki Network, the largest data-driven influencer network in the world of Web3, has proudly revealed its official partnership with Gas Hero, one of the most highly anticipated Web3 game launches of 2023, brought to life by the team at STEPN, known as the most successful lifestyle game in the realm of Web3.


Expanding Market Share:

Through this strategic alliance, Aki Network aims to further expand Gas Hero’s market share in the dynamic world of Web3 games. Simultaneously, Gas Hero is set to provide thrilling opportunities for Aki Network users, granting them a competitive edge within the game. Aki Network’s introduction of Aki-chan, their first ACGN IP, is poised to set the stage for the next major sensation in the world of Web3 gaming after the monumental success of STEPN.


Upcoming Collaborative Events:

Leading up to the official launch of Gas Hero, Aki Network has plans to roll out several pivotal events within the context of this partnership. Aki-chan, the new ACGN IP of Aki Network, will take center stage, hosting its first two debut episodes of the Aki Links Web3 AMA series. These episodes will feature core members of the Gas Hero team and prominent Web3 influencers.


Japanese AMA: Scheduled for Oct 23, 2023, at 12 pm UTC, featuring a chance to win 3 Hero NFTs!

English AMA: Set for Oct 30, 2023, at 2 pm UTC, offering another opportunity to win 3 Hero NFTs!

The Aki x Gas Hero campaign #1 will involve a content competition centered around Aki-chan and Gas Hero. A total of 25 users will have the chance to earn one Gas Hero NFT each, with the final winner receiving a coveted Aki x Gas Hero badge.


Exciting Incentives for the Aki Network Community:

One of the most thrilling developments is the upcoming $GMT reward campaign that awaits the Aki Network community upon the official unveiling of the Gas Hero game.


Aki Network’s Role in Web3 Projects:

Aki Network has played an integral role in expanding brand awareness and user engagement for numerous esteemed Web3 projects, including Gas Hero, thanks to its deep-rooted connections and data-driven insights into influencers. The wealth of on-chain promotional data that Aki Network brings to the table is expected to be a valuable asset in the game’s launch.


The Anticipation Surrounding Gas Hero:

Gas Hero, the brainchild of FSL and the second Web3 game following the success of STEPN, is slated for launch in the coming months. The game places significant emphasis on gameplay and participatory governance, offering players a rich array of strategies and leveraging decentralized trading platforms to enhance transparency regarding on-chain data. Given the remarkable success of STEPN, particularly in key Web3 markets like Japan and Europe, Gas Hero is undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited Web3 game launch of 2023-2024.


An Intricate Web3 Masterpiece:

Crafted by Find Satoshi Lab, the visionary team behind STEPN, Gas Hero is a Web3 masterpiece that intricately fuses gameplay and strategy in a decentralized fashion. Here are some key reasons why Gas Hero stands out:


Depth in Gameplay: Gas Hero goes beyond conventional mechanics, introducing advanced game theory elements, allowing players to employ multifaceted strategies. It also prioritizes transparent on-chain data via decentralized trading platforms, promoting deep player engagement through a participatory governance model.


Narrative Brilliance: Set in a world post an AI nuclear catastrophe, players assume pivotal roles as leaders guiding heroes in reclaiming Earth and reigniting civilization. This narrative underlines authentic emotional interactions and community growth.


Unique Web3 Integration: Gas Hero epitomizes the allure of Web3-native gaming, challenging players with choices spanning financial gains, fame, and power. This design amplifies experiences uniquely enabled by Web3, transforming it into a virtual social experiment filled with unparalleled excitement.


Web3 Gaming’s Bright Future:

Web3 gaming has long been viewed as the gateway to mass adoption, and STEPN transformed this notion into reality. With Gas Hero on the horizon, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the evolution of Web3 games, setting the stage for their continued growth and success.

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