Electis Unveils Tezos-Powered Web3 Voting Platform in Partnership with King’s College London Blockchain Society April 5, 2023 April 5, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Electis Unveils Tezos-Powered Web3 Voting Platform in Partnership with King’s College London Blockchain Society

The society’s committee elections were organized as a decentralized voting project by KCL Blockchain and Electis in collaboration. The committee elections of the King’s College London Blockchain Society were held on Wednesday, March 29th, using an e-voting solution based on Blockchain technology. The utilization of Blockchain technology is a successful application for voting and ensuring fair internal management. As a result, we made the decision to utilize Electis in order to ensure a smooth, safe, and open encounter. – (Director of Consulting at KCL Blockchain)

The Tezos blockchain serves as the foundation for the solution, where the registration of candidates and voters is done through their respective Tezos wallets. An NFT is automatically transferred to the winner’s wallet through a smart contract after the election. The KCL Blockchain is made up of four different categories of work, which include Legal, Consulting, Technology, and Operations. The chair elections for all streams were recently conducted.

For the initial time, the committee has chosen their committee chairs utilizing the Electis platform during the election. Our verifiable voting solution now incorporates additional Web3 features through the integration of NFT and wallet sign-in. Having the opportunity to implement blockchain technology alongside individuals who share a passion for it, such as the students at Kings College, is a fantastic experience. – (Lena Melcher, International Partnerships Manager at Electis)

KCL Blockchain has been emphasizing the use of blockchain for voting. The student blockchain association is also involved in researching this area. They have recently released a paper on blockchain and quadratic voting. In 2020, Electis introduced its Electis.app product, which is utilized in both corporate voting and citizen engagement initiatives.

The KCL Blockchain elections have incorporated Web3 functionalities, including wallet authentication and smart contract implementation for voting, which allows for the integration of NFTs in the election procedure. Individuals running for office and those casting their votes can now choose to register using their Tezos wallets, while the outcome of the elections is carried out using smart contracts. During the KCL Blockchain election, the newly elected chairpeople of the workstream committees received an NFT through an automated transfer process.

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