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Polygon and South Korean Gaming Firm Neowiz To Collaborate on Blockchain Gaming Platform

Online game producer Neowiz from South Korea has joined the ranks of Web3 pioneers after Polygon’s announcement of an anticipated partnership with the firm. Polygon announced the partnership in a tweet today, saying that they would be releasing Intella, a blockchain-based game platform, together.

There will be a switch from Web2 to Web3 games on Intella for titles licensed under Neowiz IP, as stated in a post on Polygon’s website. It is anticipated that by 2023, popular Neowizz games like “Cats & Soup” and “Brave Nine” as well as social casino games like “House of Slots” and “House of Poker” would be available on the platform. As an additional example, consider the “Early Retired Cats Club” project, a new PFP NFT initiative.

A promise to adhere to the Web3 concept of income redistribution based on a create and earn model was included in the post as well. Developers that aid in the development of the platform may expect to be compensated in the platform’s native currency, “IX.”

In the same vein, all platform-based initiatives will get payment in IX and a share of the platform’s earnings. Players may earn IX as well as other tokens in the game, which they can then exchange for IX, much as in most other Web3 games. Players and developers will be able to save their Intella tokens and IX in a platform-based wallet.

Polygon continues to work with major players in the game industry on a variety of Web3 gaming initiatives, and this newest partnership is no exception. Among them are the already-established relationships with Atari, Ubisoft, Animoca, Wildcard, and Tilting Point.

Earlier on August 4, the Ethereum-hosted network teamed up with web3 games developer Epic League after the firm was valued at $100 million. It is hoped that with this collaboration, the studio’s renowned titles, such as the action role-playing game Dark Throne, will be made available to a wider audience.

Game Space thought that by teaming up with Polygon, they might be able to attract more users to their Web3 games, and that is exactly why they formed this partnership. There has been some turbulence in the past for gaming on the Polygon web3. According to a recent article on TheCryptoBasic, a $3.5 million rug pull occurred on the Dragoma project, a Polygon-based web3 game that just debuted.

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