“Bitcoineta” Crypto Awareness Program Launched In Argentina June 6, 2018 June 6, 2018 Kate Leaman
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“Bitcoineta” Crypto Awareness Program Launched In Argentina

Argentina is home to 10 cryptocurrency exchanges but there is still a large market out there that are not fully aware what the cryptocurrency market is all about.

This is why Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin Americana, local non-profit organizations have decided to launch their “Bitcoineta” program.

The name comes from a combination of “bitcoin” and “camioneta” the local name for minivan.

The “Bitcoineta” program plans to take a minivan all across Argentina and eventually into other Latin American countries. The minivan will carry individuals who are well versed in the cryptocurrency industry and focus on small towns. There will be a lot of educational material on cryptocurrencies and this will be distributed to market segments that have little or no idea about the cryptocurrency industry. The idea behind this program is to spread awareness of cryptocurrencies and will help the Argentinean people to use them to their benefit.

The van itself is a basic minivan equipped to house these educational personnel. It is also equipped with a projector to be able to display slides and movies that will help in furthering cryptocurrency education. The “Bitcoineta” program has commenced and one town has already been covered as of this writing.

la bitcoineta


Cryptocurrency Educational Awareness Drive

The minivan visited the city of Chascomus on June 1 and carried out its first cryptocurrency awareness program. Chascomus is a small city around 120 miles from the Argentinean capital of Buenos Aires. It has a population of 30,000 which is a more than reasonable sized audience for the “Bitcoineta” program. The next part of the plan is to move around the various towns in the Buenos Aires region. Some of the towns named in the “Bitcoineta” itinerary include Tandil, Toninas, Necochea and Chacabuco.

In a statement, Gabriel Kurman, one of the project’s originators, said

The idea of the “Bitcoineta” is to go to every small town and city in Argentina, and then to all south America to teach people how they can benefit from the use of these new technologies

After its town visits in the area, the educators will then move around the various central regions of Argentina. This includes towns in La Pampa, Santa Fe and Cordoba. This program will run throughout the months of June and July. For those interested in catching up to the “Bitcoineta“, the project’s Twitter account is very active and has a listing of all future tour spots.

There are plans to eventually take the program to neighboring countries but as of now there are no formal announcements on where the “Bitcoineta” van will go next.

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