Bitcoin Miners on Track to Slash Emissions by 50% in 31/2 yrs April 3, 2023 April 3, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Bitcoin Miners on Track to Slash Emissions by 50% in 31/2 yrs

Bitcoin mining is more environmentally friendly when it produces less pollution. Miners are using more energy from green sources, and their equipment is getting better. Woo Charts says that the amount of pollution that comes from mining Bitcoin is at its lowest level ever. Daniel Batten, a startup investor and climate technology campaigner, shared his study on April 3.

Batten said that in three and a half years, Bitcoin’s emissions per KWh will be cut in half. He said that no other business cuts the amount of pollution it makes as quickly.

There are two main reasons why the level of pollution is going down. Most Bitcoin miners get their power from clean, natural sources. The tools used in mining is now better. The expert added a picture of how long Bitcoin mining could go on. It has gone down a little, but it is still close to its all-time high of 54%. He says that the high hash rate stays high because the new hash rate coming into the network is powered by green energy.

More than half of the network is run on clean energy. In the last two weeks, emissions have gone up. The hash rate went up, but there wasn’t a matching rise in methane-based mining. According to a study from BeInCrypto in March, Bitcoin mining is now better for the environment than electric cars. Batten says that hydroelectric power is the main source of power for Bitcoin.

Since January 2020, the amount of fossil fuel sources has dropped by 6.2% each year. Improvements in the energy economy have not been noticed by the people who make laws about the business. Even though a new rule in Texas gives BTC mining companies the right to do so, they have been met with resistance.

Cambridge University thinks that the BTC network uses about 140 TWh of energy every year. The loss from transportation and distribution in the US is 206 TWh per year, which is more than the loss from Bitcoin mining.

The average hash rate for the network is 349 EH/s. BitInfoCharts says that the hash rate is getting close to its all-time high of 398 EH/s, which was reached on March 24.
Network difficulty has reached a new high of 46.8 T, which means miners are competing more than ever. At the moment, mining is not very profitable. Only $0.078 is made per day per TH/s.

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