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BITMAIN and Partners Forge Historic Alliance to Transform Oman’s Tech Landscape

BITMAIN, the global leader in ASIC manufacturing, has joined forces with Exahertz and Moonwalk Systems in a groundbreaking partnership poised to revolutionize Oman’s technology ecosystem. This collaboration represents a momentous stride as Exahertz assumes the role of hosting over 10,000 cutting-edge BITMAIN machines within the innovative Exahertz Technology Park, situated in Salalah, Oman.


This partnership holds exceptional significance, as it marks BITMAIN’s inaugural foray into hosting within the Middle East, while simultaneously spearheading pioneering advancements in hydro computer technology on a global scale. The Exahertz Technology Park, heralded as the largest private blockchain data center in the Middle East, underscores Exahertz’s unwavering dedication to innovation and progress within the tech landscape.


Groundbreaking Venture Marks BITMAIN’s Middle East Debut and Pioneers Hydro Computer Innovation

The journey leading up to this historic collaboration has been characterized by meticulous planning and adaptability. Exahertz International recently initiated a pilot phase of the Exahertz Technology Park in Salalah. In close collaboration with their strategic partners at Moonwalk Systems, rigorous testing and optimization of hydro systems were undertaken to ensure peak performance under local conditions and challenges. This rigorous approach underscores the shared commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality. The teams exhibited ingenuity by customizing containers to seamlessly adapt to the unique Middle Eastern environment, earning the admiration and respect of BITMAIN.


An impressive feat achieved by the Exahertz Team involves the utilization of treated greywater to efficiently cool the data center’s computers. This innovative approach not only maximizes efficiency but also upholds environmental responsibility. After thorough purification, the treated greywater is responsibly returned to the Earth, epitomizing the commitment to eco-friendly practices.


Jad Fredrick Kharma, CEO of Exahertz, eloquently conveyed his vision, stating, “Our mission transcends the introduction and adoption of cutting-edge technology; we are steadfast in our commitment to elevate Oman’s proficiency and prominence within the realms of modular IT infrastructure, the innovative design of hyper-scale data centers, and the forefront of high-performance blockchain technology.”


Sam Ferdows, CEO of Moonwalk Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with BITMAIN and their ambition to be a key regional partner. He asserted, “Our goal is for Exahertz Technology Park to set the standard for all blockchain data centers in the region and globally, particularly for hydro solutions.”


BITMAIN’s director also echoed the excitement surrounding this strategic partnership and emphasized its significance by stating, “This collaboration enables BITMAIN to establish a more robust presence in the region, leveraging our advanced technology.”


In essence, the collaboration between Exahertz, BITMAIN, and Moonwalk Systems transcends mere technological advancement; it serves as a catalyst for shaping Oman’s future in alignment with Vision 2040. This partnership exemplifies the potential of collective efforts directed towards a common vision, unlocking extraordinary opportunities and boundless possibilities.

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