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BitMEX CEO Forecasts Bitcoin to Hit $100,000 this Year

The CEO of P2P cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX, Alex Hoptner, has projected that the value of Bitcoin may hit $100,000 per coin. In the latest interview with CNBC, Hoptner emphasized his optimism about Bitcoin and other altcoins. The interview took place when BitMEX announced its foremost sleeve partner, AC Milan.

Hoptner said in the interview that cryptocurrency companies might evolve as the “new funding method” for soccer teams. He went on to say that “tokenization of assets is going to be an important topic moving ahead” as an alternative funding method for soccer teams.

Furthermore, the CEO stated that asset tokenization will foster a stronger connection between soccer teams and their supporters.

According to Hoptner:

“As we see in the NFT sector, asset tokenization is a major factor moving ahead.” Because they are in the heart of the mass market retail trend, crypto companies may be the future funding method for these club teams.”

Fans of major football teams, as per the BitMEX CEO, are quite interested in tokens. As a result, this will have an impact on future team support. While discussing crypto legislation and the attitudes of various nations toward Bitcoin as well as other altcoins, the BitMEX CEO said that both merchants and the government are rapidly adopting cryptocurrency.

He cited El Salvador, which just commemorated its one-month Bitcoin milestone. The nation created history by being the first to adopt Bitcoin as legal money. El Salvador, led by President Nayib Bukele, continues to encourage Bitcoin use, particularly after the nation started Bitcoin mining. Bukele reported that El Salvador has begun mining Bitcoin using volcanic energy.

Regardless of the fact that the testing and installation phases are presently underway. Hoptner thinks that the government has virtually little influence over the cryptocurrency industry. He went on to say that it was on to the business to “help the regulators.”

The CEO was sure that Bitcoin’s ongoing rise will continue to impact the price:

“We’ve seen great progress in the adoption of Bitcoin in 2021, and I see a lot of chances for Bitcoin to hit $100,000 with nations accepting it (as legal tender), with market movement, with a mix of sports and cryptocurrency, I see a strong possibility of reaching that level.”

Polynesia, formally known as the Kingdom of Tonga, wishes to emulate El Salvador’s Bitcoin approach. Lord Fusitu’a, a Lord Member of Parliament for Niuas in the Kingdom of Tonga’s Parliament, refers to Bitcoin as the world’s first genuinely worldwide natively open monetary system.

Bitcoin, according to Fusitu’a, will have an effect on the nation’s economy. While writing this article, Bitcoin was trading at $54,600, up 0.26%. In addition, the leading cryptocurrency’s trading volume has dropped by more than 7% in the last 24 hours.

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