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Mix Safer Unveils Bitcoin Mixer with Distinct Features

Mix Safer is an anonymization service that protects Bitcoin users’ privacy when interacting with the bitcoin blockchain. Clients may input their Bitcoin forwarding address, real manner of payment, and begin mixing the Bitcoins on their website. Their totally automated system does not maintain logs or transaction information. They want to provide their consumers with the most advanced anti-tracking technology available.

Mix Safer just introduced a new Bitcoin Mixer that enables 100% Bitcoin anonymity. From your actions, hackers or any other user on the blockchain cannot access your bitcoin address.

Many individuals want to combine Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies in order to increase their safety. Mixsafer enables users to obscure the trail of their money; in this manner, they may keep their Bitcoins secure without fear of being tracked.

The mixer processes the user’s funds, taking their bitcoins and randomly transferring fresh ones from an unrelated Bitcoin address. Once the deposit BTC is in the mixer, the service establishes a time delay and, when it expires, replaces it with fresh bitcoins sent to the user’s withdrawal address.

The program utilizes the greatest features of currently available bitcoin mixers. It was created to provide perfect anonymity for bitcoin; it also includes the possibility to accept BTC from the world’s most prominent currency exchanges. Bitcoin mixer orders are not tracked or identified, and they do not combine the client’s assets into one or more funds. Additionally, the usage of mixing codes is not required. Their technique is unique and entails the utmost in secrecy.

Mixer Safer does not maintain logs; all information required for transaction processing is erased instantly upon conclusion of work and confirmation of the transaction, or when the address life expires for non-executed requests. Mix Safer’s service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is completely automated, ensuring that its customers get ongoing help while maintaining the anonymity of their cryptocurrency.

Additionally, their business delivers “Letters of Guarantee,” which digitally signify their service’s agreement to mix bitcoin with their customers 100 percent of the time. They must retain these letters of guarantee until the mixing service is complete to provide them with additional security in resolving any issues that may occur.

Using a BTC mixer is a proactive way to safeguard your privacy. Many individuals overlook the fact that cryptocurrencies are not as anonymous as they imagine. Rather than that, they are pseudonyms.
If a person can link his wallet to her identification, he will have complete access to her financial information.

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