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Bitcoin NewsNovember 20, 2019 by Kelly Cromley

Tor Projects Welcomes Bitcoin Donation via Lightning Network

The Tor Project has started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as donation through the Lightning Network. The non-profit organization Tor Project developed the anonymous network Tor.

Tor Project has decided to accept Bitcoin as donation to back a fund raising program initiated by The Giving Block, a crypto-for-charity organization.

Tor has suggested the use of BottlePay wallet for offering donations as it facilitates users to search for the Tor Project within it and remit crypto thereby avoiding a need to copy and paste addresses.

The Lightning Network has created a two layer payment covenant for the Bitcoin network that intends to quicken payments and allow scalability.

As an alternative, the facility permits donations from anyone through a tweet. The wallet also permits its users to send Bitcoin directly or mechanically exchange US dollars, pound sterling, the euro, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars, Brazilian reals and 15 more fiat currencies.

The US government agencies have played a major role in financing the development of the Tor network after its parent tech firm, Onion routing, was initially funded by the US Office of Naval Research in 1995.

Despite funding from government organizations, the technology has been deployed on dark web where illegal sites and unlawful services such as Silk Road operate. On the contrary, the network is also utilized by political rebels residing in brutal regimes and by whistleblowers looking for a path to unmask culprit pseudonymously to WikiLeaks and comparable portals.

As the Tor network is utilized as a method to guarantee privacy both in dealings and communications through the use of cryptos, usually by people who depend on its capability for their security, its users are regularly attacked by hackers.

In mid-October, popular antivirus software vendor ESET identified a Tor Browser loaded with a Trojan in an effort to swindle Bitcoin from darknet buyers.

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