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US Adds 4,945 Bitcoin ATMs In a Year

The count of Bitcoin ATMs deployed across the world since March 1, 2020 is on the verge of hitting 10,000. As per the latest info from Coin ATM Radar, the overall number of Bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide is 16,835, compared with 7,152 in 2020, reflecting a steep increase of 57.5% (9,683 new machines) on y-o-y basis.

Back in November 2020, Bitcoin ATMs recorded 80% y-o-y increase in installations. A major share of the machines was installed in the US. Specifically, 81% i.e., 13,699 out of 16,835 machines are operational in the US alone.

In the US, the number of Bitcoin ATMs installed grew 177% since March 1, 2020. In actual terms, 4,945 machines were installed, taking the tally to 13,699 Bitcoin ATM machines in the US as of March 10, 2021. Canada is the next country with highest number of Bitcoin ATMs installed. In Canada, there were 1,268 Bitcoin ATMs, representing about 7.5% of machines across the globe.

Austria and the UK, another prominent countries monitored by Coin ATM Radar, has not seen much growth in terms of installed Bitcoin ATMs over the last few years. In case of Austria, the number of installed Bitcoin ATM machines reached a high of 266 in May 2019, but then started declining. Currently, the country has 153 Bitcoin ATMs, reflecting a drop of 42.5%.

In the UK, the decline in Bitcoin ATMs is not steep. From 283 Bitcoin ATM installations in 2020, the country now has 199, reflecting a drop of less than 30%. Across the Channel, Bitcoin ATMs remain almost stable. In particular, Bitcoin ATM had recorded a slight increase of 1,273, from 1,233 ATMs in March 2020.

Crypto ATM installation ticker provided by Coin ATM Radar indicates that 34.60 ATMs are getting installed on a daily basis. A huge majority of such machines support only purchase of Bitcoins. Specifically, 77.6% assist in only buying Bitcoins, while 22.4% support both buying and selling of Bitcoins.

Outside North America and Europe, other countries with a decent share of cryptocurrency ATMs are Hong Kong with 85 ATMs, the Russian Federation with 53 ATMs and Colombia with 46 ATMs.

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