Cashback shopping website has integrated Dash cryptocurrency with their platform. This means, a user of the platform can purchase a product of interest through their platform and in return get a percentage of their spending back in the form of Dash cryptocurrency. The company has paid more than $100 million to customers through their cash back program. So, the website will increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies and Dash in particular.

Cash back websites allow a shopper to purchase goods through popular branded websites and receive a portion of the shopper’s cash back. As cash back websites create brand awareness, major brands are happy to pay cash back websites a portion of money spent by the shopper. In turn, the cash back websites share a potion of the money received from the brands to the shopper. This enables them to retain customers and also encourage them to shop more in a responsible way.

So, Dash community in the US may be lured to shop through Furthermore, the partnership may certainly increase the adoption rate of Dash, which is usually seen as an investment asset rather than a currency. As more Dash rewards are rolled out, we can expect the Dash price to appreciate further. At the time of writing this article, Dash was trading at $383.73.