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Golem Allows Public Access to Ethereum Mining Application

The Golem Network has unveiled Thorg, a user-friendly desktop program that enables the mining of Ether. Thorg, a decentralized computing network, uses the Golem Network as a foundation. From this basis, users are granted access to extra computational power in the form of payment in GLM, the Ethereum-based native crypto of Golem Network.

Mining has become more affordable and enjoyable thanks to the Thorg app. The add-on is available for both Windows and PC computers, is completely free, and has already been tested. The application is designed to serve the needs of those who possess high-end computer systems, such as gamers, animators, and GPU miners, and will expand to include additional system kinds in the upcoming weeks.

While all Thorg payments operate on Ethereum’s second layer, miners get rewards sooner and at a lower cost than would be the case with Ethereum mainnet-based apps. The debut of the Golem app has been awaited among the Golem community for weeks due to teaser campaigns on social media. The established track record of success in the cryptocurrency sector demonstrates that Golem is well-equipped to develop safe software while also providing a straightforward way to mine with Thorg.

By making these notifications available for both end-users and the growing developer community, Golem provides itself with a method to demonstrate its advancement in many technology innovation aspects, as well as “battle-testing” those updates by opening them up to both end-users and the burgeoning devteam.

Use-cases and environment development will be supported by the platform’s capabilities and efficiencies and also the mining solution. “The Golem platform is enhanced by the Thorg mining use scenario, which provides new and interesting methods to build a robust and efficient market with the added benefit of allowing the creation of passive revenue. Golem has also provided us with the ability to experiment with other payment structures, new collaboration models between users, and alternative methods of accessing and using the Golem Network” Golem Network CEO Piotr Janiuk stated.

Allchemy has just announced their collaboration with the Golem Network, which uses decentralized technologies, scientific computing, and study to investigate the origin of life, including evidence of life’s genesis. This initiative, which is known as LIFE@Golem, involves harnessing computer power and uses nodes to mimic early biological syntheses, as well as five billion different reactions and chemicals.

This is the first time the Golem Network has allowed an increase in the available mainnet computing resources from 0 to over 23,600 cores, 34 TB of RAM, and 170 TB of storage from over 800 providers on the platform (assessed based on daily highs).

This is just the beginning of the mass-market adoption of the GNT, as there are more than 50 community-created apps that are publicly accessible to use with Golem, with more on the way. Golem Network rates as a seventh-most-active distributed computing project compared to other similarly sized initiatives.

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