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Ethereum NewsJanuary 31, 2021 by Kelly Cromley

Reddit to Play a Role in Boosting Ethereum Blockchain’s Scalablity

Reddit is collaborating with Ethereum Foundation in an attempt to assist Ethereum core team’s scaling initiatives. Reddit, which is one of the biggest social media ventures internationally, and whose platform is the center of attention as its users have joined hands to upsurge Wall Street, is associating with the Ethereum Foundation with an aim of bringing decentralization to its users.

Reddit admin u/jarins, in a post Wednesday, stated that the social media platform provider is stepping up its blockchain initiative and providing additional initiatives and requisite resources to scale up Ethereum blockchain’s capability.

The official collaboration has come at a time when Reddit and Ethereum Foundation together conducted Scaling Bake-Off challenge last summer in which several groups participated to provide the best Ethereum scaling solutions to assist Reddit back its Community Points aspects.

Reddit’s Community Points program was structured specifically for Ethereum. Reddit users are awarded points by the program for notable comments or most read posts. The venture was Reddit’s foremost initiative to use blockchain technology on its platform.

Reddit’s recently formed cryptocurrency team will set aside a portion of its human resources and other tools to assist Ethereum Foundation in resolving the scaling issue faced by Ethereum blockchain.

The Reddit crypto group is presently roping in backend engineers. Admin u/jarin has suggested coders interested in partaking in the development of a decentralized internet to either straightaway apply on the Reddit careers webpage or even send a personal message to convey their interest.

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