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Vitalik Buterin Wishes for Doge’s Migration to PoS Using Ethereum’s Code

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, replied to questions from the 268 individuals he follows in a Twitter AMA yesterday. Love, philosophy, celebrity, and health were among the themes discussed, as were internet privacy, cryptocurrency, game theory, and the future.

Emin Gün Sirer, a Cornell professor and the creator of Ava Labs, the company behind Ethereum’s rival Avalanche, was among his followers. Sirer inquired as to Buterin’s greatest difficulty throughout his Ethereum experience. Buterin said, “People are more difficult to closely organize in small groups than I anticipated.”

“You can’t simply get everyone to sit in a circle, recognize each other’s innate goodness, and get along, particularly when there are enormous incentive conflicts at stake.” When asked what his greatest non-technical regret was throughout his Ethereum adventure, he responded, “the entire ‘8 co-founders’ thing” (and selecting them so hastily and indiscriminately.)

Notably, only Buterin and Joseph Lubin have stayed connected to the Ethereum project out of the eight co-founders. Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood established their respective blockchain projects, Cardano and Polkadot. Others either quit the sector or decided to remain on the sidelines.

Despite being Ethereum’s main developer, Buterin said that the blockchain has never been more in need of him. “The good news is that I believe Ethereum relies on me less now than at any other time in history!” Amazing individuals like @dannyryan, @drakefjustin, @dankrad, @pipermerriam, EF admins, and many more continue to take on duties that I previously had to perform myself.”

Surprisingly, the emergence of NFT technology has surprised him the most. In addition, he believes that the EIP-1559 was the most fascinating real-world application of game theory in terms of protocol design. The update updated the network’s monetary functionality with a fee-burning system, causing Ether to reach a four-month high this week.

It is worth noting that Ethereum has gained almost 400% this year, beating Bitcoin, which has gained about 72 percent. Aside from that, he confessed to underestimating the time it would take Ethereum to move from the proof-of-work method to the proof-of-stake algorithm. “Within one to two years, Ethereum will transition to proof of stake (PoS).”

In response to an Ethereum-Dogecoin ‘collaboration,’ Buterin believes Dogecoin would move to PoS as well, “possibly utilizing Ethereum code.” Furthermore, he said that Ethereum has a little role in resolving climate problems, but he expects that more long-term solutions would emerge.

Buterin mentioned ZK-SNARKs as the research that most fascinates him (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge). In response to a query regarding future privacy-protection technology, the programmer said, “I anticipate ZK-SNARKs to be a major revolution as they penetrate the general world over the next 10-20 years.”

In response to one of the general queries, he suggested eliminating “extra sugar out of your life completely” as an anti-aging method. He also intends to continue wearing a mask once COVID-19 has left in order to protect himself from the consequences of fame.

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