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Ethereum NewsDecember 11, 2020 by Kelly Cromley

WordPress Incorporates Ethereum Plugin for Channeling Advertiser Payments

Publishers who use WordPress will now have an opportunity to use a crypto plugin to obtain earnings from their advertisement in wallets supporting Ether (ETH) as per an announcement made on pluging by official webpage of WordPress.

Named “EthereumAds,” the aforesaid plugin will pave way for auctioning of advertisement spot by publishers of content, with payment in the form of Ether (ETH). The auctioning can be done through the use of smart contracts.

The media release reads as follows: “After you inserted our widget your ad space is automatically openly auctioned off using our smart contract every two weeks to the highest bidder.”

As per website of EthereumAds, the plugin for WordPress aims to rival Google AdSense, paving way for publishers to generate ETH via banner advertisements.

Furthermore, EthereumAds particularly guarantees to offer publishers with a drop in fees: “Google Adsense only pays you 68% of your ad earnings. We on the other hand pay you a whopping 90%.”

The latest advertisement plugin can be used for any kind of content such as websites, hoarding boards, blogs and unrestricted to crypto linked content. As EthereumAds aims to contend with top advertisement monetization tools such as Google AdSense, there is a need to look at how conventional advertisement platforms handle their cryptocurrency competitors.

Google, which offers the world’s top advertisement monetization ramp, did have some problems with cryptocurrencies in the last few years. Back in April, Google AdSense was displaying illegal cryptocurrency advertisements limiting a portion of legal cryptocurrency companies from utilizing its facilities. Google Ads earlier disallowed keywords such as Ethereum.

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