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AAG to Aid Indonesian App GOGA to Transition from Web2 to Web3

With a growing need for decentralized technologies and blockchain-powered systems, businesses must now make the switch to Web3. Web3 provides a more safe and decentralized ecosystem, allowing users more authority over their information as well as a greater degree of anonymity. To aid consumers in navigating the complicated world of Web3 and blockchain technology, a number of businesses have partnered with cryptocurrency companies. In recent years, GOGA, a prominent Web3 play-to-learn-and-earn system, revealed a collaboration with AAG’s Saakuru blockchain to offer its 650k customers with an effortless move into the exciting realm of Web3.

AAG is collaborating with GOGA, a prominent Indonesian service for English language instruction and interaction, as stated in a blog post. Using AAG’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, Saakuru, the collaboration aims to help GOGA in its switch from Web2 to Web3 by leveraging GOGA’s existing Web2 infrastructure. Saakuru’s effective token design approach facilitates GOGA’s shift to the Web3 ecosystem by ensuring an effortless switch with no gas costs and rapid processing. The OASYS organization awarded GOGA an award of funding to assist with this project.

In addition, GOGA intends to incorporate AAG’s MetaOne wallet into the system, allowing its clients access to AAG’s solutions, including MetaOne Connect and MetaOne API. This action will fortify GOGA’s Web3 framework and improve the client’s encounter as a whole. GOGA is going to organize an NFT raffle in commemoration of its debut on the Saakuru blockchain. These non-fungible tokens will enable unique functions within the GOGA app. A representative from AAG stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with GOGA and hope that the partnership will yield substantial advantages for each of our consumers and participants. We look at the possibility of collaborating actively with GOGA to facilitate their migration to Web3 and improve the caliber of their offerings.”

The switch to Web3 necessitates an important shift in how businesses run. It entails moving from centrally managed to decentralized networks, in which information and management are spread throughout the network. This necessitates an entirely novel set of decentralized-compatible instruments, protocols, and norms. This is where blockchain technology enters the picture.
Saakuru is an innovative layer-2 solution developed by AAG to expedite the onboarding of Web2 users to Web3. In addition, by integrating with the Saakuru blockchain, AAG’s MetaOne wallet will gain enhanced security while enabling other developers to considerably expand on-chain activities.

Saakuru continues to make progress when it comes to usage in spite of becoming a new participant in the blockchain industry. GOGA, which signifies “Good Game to Learn English,” is, in reality, among the first initiatives to be introduced on the Saakuru blockchain. GOGA, which has 650k users, 500k paid users on their previous Eng Breaking app, and a staggering 1.8m social media followers, is one of the largest Web2 applications incorporating blockchain technology to improve the user experience. By leveraging the Saakuru blockchain, GOGA’s team anticipates that users will spend more time on the platform than on traditional language-learning apps, resulting in a higher rate of course completion.

In the end, GOGA’s collaboration with AAG’s Saakuru Blockchain represents an important milestone towards Web3. This is an illustration of how businesses can use blockchain technology to generate fresh possibilities for creativity, effectiveness, and interaction with customers. By collaborating with cryptocurrency firms, businesses like GOGA may lead their consumers into the next phase of the internet while creating a safer, more user-focused web experience.

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