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Aki Network: Transforming Crypto Influence with Web3 and Blockchain

In the realm of cryptocurrency, influencers hold significant sway over new and existing projects, directly engaging their vast network of followers. While major influencers play pivotal roles in Japan and beyond, the Japanese crypto market has seen the emergence of mid-tier and micro-influencers as effective contributors to the web3 ecosystem. This market, known for its compliant regulatory environment and community-driven ethos, is witnessing a data-driven approach to evaluate the true performance of crypto influencers, aiding entrepreneurs and organizations in reaching their target audiences.

Aki Network’s Innovative Approach to Influencer Marketing

Aki Network, a prominent web3 influencer platform, employs real-time, on-chain data to track influencers’ promotion performances. Beyond tracking, it actively supports organizations through its influencer campaigns, marking a departure from the conventional influencer marketing landscape. The platform’s decentralized data network, powered by Aki Protocol, ensures a level playing field for influencers of all scales – from micro to major. By leveraging data to determine actual marketing performance, Aki Network optimizes the potential of influencer marketing, fostering the incubation of smaller and mid-level influencers.

Decentralized Data Network: Aki Protocol’s Role in Empowering Influencers

Aki Protocol serves as the infrastructure for quantifiable information flow, essential for the decentralized data network. Operating on the Aki Protocol, the platform facilitates both organizations and influencers in maximizing the impact of influencer marketing. The utilization of open and multichain layers, coupled with zk-SNARK proofs by Aki-chan, the network’s ACGN IP, ensures verifiability on-chain.

Aki Network’s Growth and Financial Backing

Established at the close of 2021, Aki Network has rapidly evolved into a data-driven influencer network boasting over 22,000 influencers and 400,000 social users. Its activities extend beyond Japan, collaborating with projects like Aptos, CyberConnect, zkSync, and supporting the largest web3 gaming platform in South Korea, MARBLEX. The recent completion of its second fundraising round, garnering over $50 million, underscores the project’s robust financial backing, led by major Japanese venture capital groups and individual entrepreneurs.

Empowering Users and Facilitating Campaign Optimization

Aki Network’s web3 platform aims to be a data-centric user hub, allowing users to optimize their campaign performance. To engage with the platform, users connect their wallets, choose projects to promote, and receive NFTs as incentives. The platform encourages user participation through task completion and referrals, offering stablecoin rewards and facilitating a token airdrop.

Core Features Driving Aki Network’s Functionality

Campaign Engine: Entrepreneurs and organizations utilize the campaign engine to recruit influencers, with the dashboard listing open and closed campaigns, including reward details.

StarMap: Participants can use StarMap to identify top-performing influencers, providing real-time insights into channels, followers, engagements, and more.

Aki InScore: This personal landing page supports community members during onboarding to StarMap, boosting user traffic for influencers and aiding commercial users in campaign discovery.

Aki Token and Airdrop Initiatives

Aki Network introduces its native token, AKI, enhancing rewards campaigns, increasing chances in network raffles, and qualifying users for the community’s jury panel. Multiple rounds of airdrops are planned, with the first one running from Dec 22, 2023, through Mar 22, 2024. Eligibility criteria for the airdrop include Aki Network profile ownership, possession of an NFT for a trending campaign, completion of seven Aki Network campaigns, possession of an Aki Badge, and more.

Conclusion: Aki Network’s Ongoing Partnerships and Future Endeavors

Since its inception, Aki Network has forged partnerships with key web3 players, signaling its commitment to collaborative growth. With plans for continued fundraising and additional airdrops, the platform envisions a future where it remains at the forefront of revolutionizing influencer marketing in the web3 space, empowering influencers of all sizes and contributing to the evolving landscape of blockchain-based promotion.

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