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Alchemy Launches ChatWeb3 for Developers and Plugin for Accessing Blockchain Data

On Wednesday, Alchemy Insights Inc. announced the launch of AlchemyAI, a suite of new artificial intelligence tools. These tools aim to expedite data acquisition for developers and reduce build time. AlchemyAI will be a valuable addition to the existing platform, which already enables developers to create Web3 and blockchain applications.

Recently, Alchemy introduced two innovative products: ChatWeb3 and a module for OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT. ChatWeb3 serves as an AI-based assistant that facilitates Web3 development, while the ChatGPT module provides access to blockchain data. The scheduled launch of these products is in the upcoming weeks.

Web3, also known as the decentralized web, utilizes blockchain technology to support the development of decentralized platforms and token economies by developers. The decentralized nature of these applications allows them to function without reliance on centralized services. Developers rely on their familiarity with various protocols and self-executing software, commonly referred to as smart contracts.

The ChatWeb3 platform grants developers access to a ChatGPT-powered chatbot, conveniently accessible through the Alchemy dashboard. According to the company’s statement, the chatbot has undergone training on extensive Web3 documentation, meticulously evaluated by the company to facilitate developers’ workflows.

The AI assistant empowers developers to efficiently browse documents and seek code assistance by asking questions in natural language. This includes requesting code snippets, templates, and optimal methods. The tool offers contextual suggestions to assist developers in producing concise and effective code for diverse Web3 development methodologies, including the utilization of Solidity, a fundamental object-oriented programming language for Web3 applications like Ethereum.

ChatWeb3 enables developers to interact with the assistant in a manner resembling human interaction. They can pose queries such as “Does this smart contract impose any token transfer fees?” or “Assist me in debugging an error in my code.”

The AI-based assistant has certain limitations, as it can only answer inquiries based on the programmed documents and lacks the capability to retrieve real-time blockchain data. Thirteen blockchain networks will be covered, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Starknet, Polygon, and Solana.

The following item is a ChatGPT plugin that will be accessible on OpenAI’s Plugin Marketplace. Through Alchemy, conversational application programming interfaces will enable individuals to obtain real-time blockchain data.

The ChatGPT platform has revolutionized the way we access information and address queries. However, its scheduled discontinuation in 2021 makes it an inadequate substitute for advanced technologies like Web3. With the utilization of the latest plugin, individuals have the capability to obtain data from diverse blockchains instantly.

As a result, users can submit inquiries or requests such as “What is the current balance of Ethereum in the vitalik.eth account?” or “Retrieve the latest market value of Ethereum” or “What was the average market price of the ten most recently sold Azuki NFTs?” By utilizing the ChatGPT plugin, real-time blockchain data can be obtained in response to these queries.

The plugin has the capability to retrieve up-to-date information on account balances, non-fungible token ownership, Ethereum transaction details, NFT metadata, blockchain data related to mined blocks, and network conditions.

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