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Algorand Unveils Python Integration in Developer Preview for AlgoKit 2.0 Upgrade

Algorand Foundation’s Chief Technology Officer, John Woods, recently disclosed the imminent release of a developer preview of Python on Algorand, scheduled for Monday, the 11th. This release is a crucial component of the AlgoKit 2.0 upgrade, designed to significantly simplify the development process within Algorand’s ecosystem, reducing costs and complexities.


AlgoKit 2.0 Unveils Python Support:

The much-anticipated Python integration in Algorand’s AlgoKit 2.0 upgrade has garnered widespread attention since its initial announcement in September. Recognized for its global popularity as a flexible and widely-used programming language, Python’s inclusion is poised to attract millions of developers eager to delve into blockchain technology.


Developer Preview Anticipation:

Woods took to his X account (formerly Twitter) on Friday to announce the impending developer preview, emphasizing that this milestone had been in the works for over a year. Despite facing challenges, the blockchain industry continues to forge ahead, underscoring its resilience.


Algorand’s Accessibility Milestone:

Woods hailed the impending release as a “watershed moment for Algorand,” asserting that it would democratize access, enabling “anyone” to build applications on Algorand. However, while the developer preview is set for the upcoming week, the public release is not expected until February 2024.


Enhanced Python Development Efficiency:

While Python developers were previously able to create Algorand applications, they were constrained by the use of Pyteal and Beaker libraries. This approach, while functional, resulted in limited performance, verbosity, and added complexity, posing challenges for less-experienced developers. Woods clarified that Algorand’s native Python support would streamline the process, operating as a “pipeline from Python AST to IR languages down to pure TEAL and then AVM bytecode.”


Transition Away from Pyteal and Beaker:

As Algorand’s Python development becomes more efficient, accessible, and powerful, the reliance on Pyteal and Beaker will be rendered obsolete. Developers using these libraries will be required to update their code as both are phased out in the future.


Algorand’s Broader Outreach Initiatives:

The release of AlgoKit 2.0 is just one facet of Algorand’s strategic efforts to broaden its audience. On November 30, the Algorand Foundation unveiled a partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to establish a blockchain academy. Set to launch in 2024, this academy will offer knowledge and insights on blockchain applications to over 22,000 UNDP employees across 170 countries.


Algorand’s Ongoing Initiatives:

Additionally, Algorand recently disclosed the finalists of the “Build-a-bull Hackathon,” which commenced in October. With a global reach, this hackathon allows developers to showcase their projects in categories spanning from DeFi to Gaming, with a total prize pool of 200k USDC. Algorand continues to encourage innovation and development within its ecosystem.


Recognition for Impactful Solutions:

In a separate event, the Algorand Foundation awarded $10k as part of the “Impact!” pitch competition during the Algorand Impact Summit. LW3 emerged as the winner with its Algorand-powered traceability solution, aiming to enhance transparency for end consumers.



As Algorand progresses amid the upward momentum in the crypto markets, the introduction of Python support through AlgoKit 2.0 marks a significant leap forward, opening new possibilities for developers and reinforcing Algorand’s commitment to innovation and accessibility in the blockchain space

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