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ALTAVA and Renault Korea Motors Collaborate on XPERIENCE MOR3 Web3 Campaign

ALTAVA, a prominent fashion-tech company, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Renault Korea Motors to introduce ‘XPERIENCE MOR3,’ a Web3 digital campaign aimed at enriching digital experiences within the metaverse. This collaboration represents Renault Korea Motors’ third venture into the world of NFTs, following the successful “Create Your Epic Car” and “Create Your SM6” projects.


The Artistic Vision


Renowned French 3D artist and art director, Guillaume Sauzey, played a pivotal role in shaping the creative direction of XPERIENCE MOR3. The agency, Braw Haus, representing Guillaume, facilitated this collaboration. Guillaume’s artistic vision brought a fresh perspective to the XM3 E-Tech Hybrid model, offering a unique and personalized experience based on individual personalities, resulting in a collection of 3,333 NFTs.


AI-Driven Collaboration


Atlas, a 3D generative AI platform known for its partnerships with brands and developers to create virtual worlds and experiences, worked in conjunction with Guillaume Sauzey to transform the foundational 3D art into a generative collection. This collaboration exemplifies the boundless potential of human-machine cooperation.


Innovative Approach Beyond NFTs


ALTAVA’s innovative approach extends beyond the NFT collection. The group has developed an engaging browser-based mini-personality test that aligns with Renault Korea’s brand values, emphasizing “innovation” and “experience,” among others. Depending on the test results, each user is rewarded with a visually unique NFT that reflects their personality.


ALTAVA’s Impressive Track Record


As a leading figure within the fashion and metaverse realm, ALTAVA Group has consistently pushed the boundaries of digital fashion and elevated its role in the metaverse ecosystem. The company has successfully collaborated with globally renowned brands, including Fendi, LVMH, The Sandbox, and Prada, among others.


Rewards and Engagement


The ‘XPERIENCE MOR3’ campaign offers a range of enticing rewards to participants:


A grand prize of 1 million KRW worth of Klaytn and a unique NFT for one lucky individual.

Two winners will each receive 500,000 KRW worth of Klaytn and super rare NFTs.

30 participants will be awarded 50,000 KRW worth of Klaytn and rare NFTs.

3,000 individuals will receive classic NFTs.

Three random winners will have the opportunity to rent the exclusive Guillaume Sauzey-designed XM3 E-Tech Hybrid.

Celebrating Art and Technology


Renault Korea Motors has chosen to spearhead a digital activation campaign with a Web3 focus. This partnership with ALTAVA aligns with their commitment to recognizing and celebrating artists in the emerging technology fields, highlighting the convergence of art, technology, and the automotive world.


Fusion of Art and Automotive


The XM3 E-Tech Hybrid, known for its strong design sensibilities and practicality, serves as the perfect canvas for the fusion of automotive and digital artistry within ‘XPERIENCE MOR3.’ The campaign invites audiences to interact with the Renault brand in a dynamic and immersive manner, heralding a new era of automotive engagement.


CEO’s Perspective


ALTAVA Group CEO & Co-Founder, Andy Ku, expressed his excitement about the XPERIENCE MOR3 campaign, emphasizing the creation of AI-generated NFTs that establish a more humane connection with Web3 technologies.




The collaboration between ALTAVA and Renault Korea Motors on the ‘XPERIENCE MOR3’ campaign signifies a significant leap in the world of NFTs and Web3 initiatives. It brings together art, technology, and individual personalities to create a dynamic and immersive experience within the metaverse. This innovative partnership underscores the growing importance of NFTs and digital artistry in the automotive world, highlighting the potential for a new era of engagement and interaction in the industry. Explore ‘XPERIENCE MOR3’ to immerse yourself in a world where NFTs transform into personalized experiences, and the XM3 E-Tech Hybrid is reimagined through the artistic lens of Guillaume Sauzey on ALTAVA’s website.

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