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AltLayer Boosts Cometh’s Muster Network for Blockchain Game Adoption

AltLayer, a decentralized interlayer designed for rollups, has revealed its collaboration with Cometh, a prominent Web3 development company based in France, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of blockchain games.


AltLayer will provide support to Cometh’s recently launched optimistic Layer 3 known as Muster, which is among the pioneering projects to utilize Arbitrum Orbit. Muster’s deployment aims to bring cost-effective and faster transactions, enhancing user flexibility, customizability, and overall convenience.

AltLayer Partners with Cometh for Optimistic Layer 3

In this partnership, AltLayer will manage the hosting, administration, and seamless integration of the necessary infrastructure within Cometh’s Muster Network. It will leverage the capabilities of Arbitrum Orbit L3 for transaction processing and settlement on Arbitrum One. By harnessing the robust security features of Arbitrum AnyTrust, the rollup solution orchestrated by AltLayer ensures reduced transaction costs without compromising the integrity of the game logic and the gaming experience.


Dr. Yaoqi Jia, CEO of AltLayer, emphasized the importance of simplifying user interactions with the blockchain, making it more straightforward and elegant. He praised Cometh’s efforts in creating a Web3 developer experience comparable to that of Web2. Cometh’s innovations, such as zero-gas fees, account abstraction solutions, and developer-friendly APIs, have already attracted a noteworthy clientele, including La Française des Jeux (FDJ), Lacoste, FanLive Rugby, and others. The launch of Muster on Arbitrum Orbit is anticipated to further enhance Cometh’s success, and AltLayer is eager to provide hosting and management for the rollup infrastructure of this ultra-fast network, which is expected to confirm transactions even faster than Layer 2 solutions.

Cometh’s ‘Cosmik Battle’ to Lead the Way on Muster Network

Jerome de Tychey, Co-founder of Cometh, expressed their progress in the technical alpha testing on an Arbitrum Orbit rollup and the positive results achieved so far. He also mentioned their readiness to accelerate their efforts with the support of AltLayer. The impending Stylus upgrade holds promise for bringing more elements on-chain, and Cometh is enthusiastic about leading the way in the growing blockchain gaming industry.


Cometh’s inaugural game on the Muster Network will be ‘Cosmik Battle,’ a trading card game. This game is slated for release on the Epic Games store by the end of the year and will be seamlessly integrated with “Connect,” their biometric smart wallet. This integration will provide players with a frictionless onboarding experience and enable fast, secure in-game transactions.


In summary, the collaboration between AltLayer and Cometh represents a significant step in the evolution of blockchain gaming. The integration of Muster with AltLayer’s rollup solution is set to provide an efficient and secure environment for blockchain game development. Cometh’s ‘Cosmik Battle’ and the integration of “Connect” are poised to mark a new milestone in the gaming industry, offering players a streamlined and secure gaming experience on the Muster Network.

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