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Anime Chain Initiative: Unleashing AI and Blockchain Synergy for Ethical Content Creation

Artificial intelligence and blockchain experts in Japan have collaboratively established the Anime Chain Preparatory Committee, a think tank dedicated to the development of a generative AI system founded on a model that exclusively utilizes opt-in training data. The legitimacy of this approach is guaranteed through the implementation of blockchain technology, aiming to address growing concerns surrounding copyright issues and ethical considerations related to generative AI in the anime industry.

“Global Expansion: Anime Chain’s Vision Beyond Borders”

The Anime Chain initiative also seeks to broaden the content ecosystem beyond the traditional domains of Europe, America, and Asia, aiming for a more expansive global reach that includes regions such as the Middle East and Africa.

“Initiative Goals: Fostering a Secure Environment, Solving Labor Shortages, and Maximizing Earnings”

The objectives of the Anime Chain initiative are multifaceted:

Safe and Secure Environment for Creators: The committee aims to establish a secure environment for content creators by developing a generative AI based on a foundation model that exclusively uses opt-in training data, with the consent of rights holders. The transparency and legitimacy of this generative AI will be ensured through recording the development process on the blockchain.

Addressing Labor Shortages in the Content Industry: Recognizing the persistent labor shortage in the Japanese content industry, particularly within the anime sector, Anime Chain strives to create an environment that facilitates the swift production of quality content, even with limited personnel. The initiative aims to prevent industry stagnation caused by labor shortages and work towards sustainable growth.

Maximizing Earnings for Creators: Anime Chain plans to direct earnings from content produced by the generative AI back to both creators and the rights holders of the training data. The history of generation, recorded on the blockchain, will be used to ensure fair compensation. By disclosing the production process of key frames and images used for training data, creators can maximize their earnings, allowing them to focus more on creative production.

 “Preparatory Committee Members: A Diverse Group of Visionaries”

The Preparatory Committee consists of esteemed members with diverse backgrounds, including Shuehei Mise, former CEO of Turingum K.K. and Founder of Zeal Nova; Paji/Hajime Ataka, Co-Founder and EVP of Tokyo Otaku Mode; Naohito Tamaya, Founder of Arriba Studios, Oasys, double; Hironobu Ueno, CEO of double; and Arai Mono, CTO, AI artist, and engineer of AIHUB.

In conclusion, the Anime Chain initiative stands at the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain, aiming to revolutionize content creation in the anime industry. By addressing copyright concerns, labor shortages, and maximizing earnings for creators, the Preparatory Committee envisions a future where ethical, innovative, and globally inclusive content production thrives through the synergy of AI and blockchain technologies.

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