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Animoca Brands, AWS, and Polygon Labs Unite for MoonRealm Express Accelerator

Hong Kong-based game software firm Animoca Brands, in collaboration with global cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) and U.S.-based software solutions provider Polygon Labs, has announced the MoonRealm Express Accelerator. This strategic alliance aims to bolster Web3 builders globally, propelling the development of Web3 products and solutions through Animoca Brands’ flagship project, Mocaverse.


Empowering Web3 Builders: MoonRealm Express Accelerator Unveiled:

The MoonRealm Express Accelerator, unveiled in collaboration with AWS and Polygon Labs, is a program designed to empower builders worldwide. AWS, a key technology enabler and partner in this endeavor, has committed to investing $1.1 million to support up to 500 eligible startups in the inaugural cohort.


Accelerating Web3 Development:

The accelerator program is set to accelerate development in emerging areas such as decentralized identity, SocialFi, and GameFi, encouraging builders to generate new ideas and solutions within the Mocaverse ecosystem. The primary goal is to assist aspiring builders in transforming concepts into tangible, real-world solutions.


Comprehensive Support for Web3 Startups:

The MoonRealm Express Accelerator offers comprehensive support throughout the growth cycle of a Web3 startup. This support includes everything from the inception of creative ideas to Web3 masterclasses, builder-centric hackathons, and the incubation of high-quality projects.


Focus on Mocaverse’s Expanding Ecosystem:

The inaugural cohort will concentrate on building and extending Mocaverse’s ecosystem, particularly around the recent launch of Moca ID and Realm Points on the Polygon chain. The program’s first hackathon, scheduled for early 2024, will challenge builders to devise protocols utilizing and expanding the Moca ID on-chain identity ecosystem and integrating Realm Points as essential assets.


Tracks and Goals: Elevating Mocaverse as a Premier Web3 Platform:

Key hackathon tracks will include Web3 Identity, Web3 Social, and Web3 Growth, with the aim of positioning Mocaverse as the premier platform for Web3 loyalty programs. The vision involves leveraging the synergies of Animoca Brands’ domain expertise, AWS’s capabilities, and Polygon Labs’ extensive network across Web3, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain technologies.


Support from AWS: Resources, Masterclasses, and Exposure:

AWS will provide startups with cloud resources through AWS Activate, a startup program offering necessary resources. This includes technical masterclasses to assist startups in developing Web3 applications, games, and AI-powered products. Startups will gain exposure to venture capital for fundraising opportunities, go-to-market support, and more.


Polygon Labs’ Contribution: Workshops and Cash Bounties:

Polygon Labs, in its role, will conduct workshops for participating Web3 startups, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills. Additionally, cash bounties for hackathons and vouchers for services from solution providers in the Polygon ecosystem will be made available to assist these startups.


Closing Thoughts: Advancing the Web3 Ecosystem:

The collaboration between Animoca Brands, AWS, and Polygon Labs signifies an exciting opportunity to advance the Web3 ecosystem. Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership and the opportunity it provides for builders to contribute to and co-create on the major Web3 identity and loyalty platform.



As the MoonRealm Express Accelerator takes shape, the collective efforts of Animoca Brands, AWS, and Polygon Labs are poised to play a pivotal role in propelling the Web3 ecosystem forward. The infusion of expertise, resources, and support aims to foster a thriving community of innovative projects, shaping the landscape of Web3 technology.

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