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Ankr Enhances RPC Service to Boost Development on Sei Blockchain

Unlocking the Potential of Swift and Scalable dApps with Ankr’s Sei Integration

Ankr, a leading player in the blockchain infrastructure space, has announced its strategic move to enhance its RPC service by seamlessly integrating with the Sei blockchain. This pivotal development is poised to empower developers seeking to harness the Sei platform’s capabilities for the rapid and scalable creation of decentralized applications (dApps). The integration will open doors for users to access both Sei Public and Premium RPCs, facilitating request calls and responses akin to those originating from a Sei full node.

Sei’s Quest for Blockchain Supremacy

Sei, with its groundbreaking “Twin-Turbo” consensus mechanism, aspires to ascend the ranks as the swiftest layer-1 blockchain. Distinguishing itself with minimal transaction fees and a remarkable throughput rate of 20,000 ops (orders per second), Sei has set its sights on championing contemporary applications and accelerating the widespread adoption of digital assets. The recent unveiling of their public Pacific-1 mainnet in August has elicited a wave of attention and anticipation from the vibrant developer community.

Ankr’s Vital Role in the Sei Ecosystem

Ankr’s Sei RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) play a pivotal role as the connective tissue between wallets, user interfaces, and dApps, facilitating seamless interaction with the Sei blockchain. Serving as intermediaries, these RPCs orchestrate the transmission of on-chain data between Sei nodes, dApps, and end-users. This underpins essential operations such as transaction execution, retrieval of wallet balances, and extraction of ownership data.

Seamless Integration for Developers

For developers eyeing Sei as the foundation for their dApps, accessing Sei node data is a prerequisite. Ankr’s RPC service emerges as the answer to this requirement, simplifying node operations in the following ways:

  • Streamlining Node Operations: Ankr’s Sei RPCs obviate the need for developers to grapple with the intricacies of setting up their Sei nodes, saving them significant time and effort.
  • Access to Advanced Tools: Subscribers to Ankr’s Premium RPC Plan gain immediate access to a suite of advanced tools, empowering them to handle up to 90,000 Sei requests per minute, enjoy high request priority, leverage global node locations, utilize telemetry, debug mode, access a dedicated support portal, and harness WebSocket (WS) functionalities.
  • Empowering Applications: Ankr’s RPC service facilitates the connection to a cluster of high-performance nodes essential for the development and operation of dApps enriched with Sei blockchain functionalities.

A Global Network Strengthened

Ankr’s integration with Sei promises to bolster the Sei network on a global scale. By simplifying development processes and expanding the node infrastructure, this move will contribute to the resilience and accessibility of Sei-powered applications.

Future Prospects

In the near future, Ankr’s RPC service will feature Sei as a supported option, ushering in a new era where users can seamlessly interact with the Sei blockchain using standard EVM JSON RPC methods.

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, strategic partnerships and integrations like this one between Ankr and Sei exemplify the industry’s commitment to fostering innovation and simplifying the path to blockchain adoption. Developers and users alike stand to benefit from this symbiotic relationship, as it paves the way for the creation of cutting-edge decentralized applications on the Sei blockchain with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

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