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Axelar and Immutable Forge Web3 Gaming Unity through Blockchain Bridge

Axelar and Immutable have joined forces to establish Web3 interoperability, creating a canonical bridge to Ethereum. The collaboration signifies a significant stride in Web3 gaming interoperability, offering a fluid bridge for user interactions across 56 blockchains.

In this integration within the Axelar network, games developed on Immutable’s zkEVM gain the capacity to extend seamlessly across an expanding network. This integration ensures inherent programmability, security, and scalability at the cross-chain network layer.

The partnership aims to assist game studios in onboarding Web3 players, introducing new channels for enhanced liquidity, scalability, and reach.

During the initial phase of this collaboration, Axelar will facilitate direct access between Ethereum and Immutable’s cutting-edge zkEVM chain—a Polygon-based ZK-rollup blockchain seamlessly integrated into Immutable’s Web3 gaming platform. This innovative chain is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, ensuring cost-effective transactions, scalability, and Ethereum-level security for gaming applications.

Axelar, an open-source and permissionless blockchain network, operates under the Axelar Foundation, a nonprofit chartered in the Cayman Islands with a mission to promote the adoption and utility of the Axelar network.

Georgios Vlachos, Director, and Co-founder of Axelar Foundation, emphasized the goal of simplifying Web3 usage. Axelar aims to streamline the onboarding process for Web3 users, eliminating complexities associated with multiple wallet requirements and blockchain understanding. The end game is to provide users with a seamless interface to conduct operations effortlessly, abstracting away the intricacies of bridging different chains.

The integration enables developers to incorporate the technology for user access, allowing users to deposit money or open positions through a game’s front-end. Cross-chain interactions will seamlessly occur on the backend, reducing transaction times significantly compared to traditional Ethereum processes.

Games will experience improved user onboarding, gaining direct access to Ethereum Layer 1 users and simplifying the onboarding process for a superior gaming experience.

Immutable Passport and Immutable Checkout empower players to effortlessly move assets to and from Ethereum Layer 1, simplifying deposit and withdrawal processes. This advancement enables games to scale seamlessly across multiple blockchains, expanding their user base.

Michael Powell, Head of Product Marketing at Immutable, highlighted the benefits for Web3 games deploying on Immutable zkEVM, coupled with Immutable Checkout. The integration allows these games to connect with player wallets across a vast network of blockchains, enabling seamless in-game interactions with digital assets stored on any connected blockchain through Immutable Passport.

Additionally, the integration securely bridges the native utility token of the Immutable ecosystem, IMX, to the new Immutable zkEVM environment. IMX plays a critical role in transaction fees and incentivizing users and developers to contribute actively to the growth of the Immutable ecosystem.

Sergey Gorbunov, CEO of Interop Labs, the initial developer of Axelar network, emphasized the significance of this integration as an expansion pack for the Axelar ecosystem. The collaboration represents a major step towards achieving interoperability in game development and metaverse environments.

Jean-Yves Martineau, CTO at SimWin Sports, expressed how Axelar interoperability integrated into Immutable Checkout allows games on Immutable zkEVM to onboard transaction-ready players from the entire Ethereum ecosystem. This collaboration addresses the user acquisition hurdle faced by the Web3 gaming industry, breaking down barriers and enhancing fan engagement.

Axelar’s agnostic approach to applications extends its partnerships beyond gaming, including collaborations with Decentraland and XPLA. The goal is to provide a seamless user experience across various applications.

Axelar’s zkEVM solution facilitates integration by working with other virtual machines. The platform generates revenue similarly to other Layer 1 solutions, relying on transaction fees on the network.

Security is a strong suit for Axelar, with 75 validators on its network verifying transactions. This decentralization is crucial in preventing over-centralization-related vulnerabilities. Axelar aims to capture a significant share of blockchain transactions if successful.

The collaborative effort, taking about three months, signifies a transformative development in Web3 interoperability, positioning Axelar and Immutable at the forefront of blockchain-driven advancements in the gaming landscape.

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