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AYDO and peaq Forge Alliance to Propel Web3 Integration in IoT Ecosystems

Recent research by DBMR anticipates substantial growth in the global smart home market, projecting it to exceed $680 million. This surge is attributed to the increasing demand for connected devices, making them more ubiquitous in people’s lives.

Addressing Concerns Surrounding Web2-enabled Smart Home Environments

However, as smart home environments facilitated by Web2 technology become more prevalent, concerns have emerged. Issues range from ensuring continuous privacy to navigating corporate regulations on technology and maintaining the safety of smart homes for homeowners.

peaq and AYDO Collaboration Aims to Revolutionize IoT with Web3 Integration


In response to these concerns, peaq and AYDO jointly announced a collaboration aimed at expanding the peaq ecosystem to enable blockchain for real-world applications. AYDO’s role in this partnership is to connect smart IoT devices with Web3, offering a decentralized alternative to centralized IoT management platforms.


AYDO’s Innovative Platform Bridging IoT to Web3


AYDO is actively developing a platform that allows IoT devices, irrespective of their vendors, to seamlessly interact with each other while transmitting data to supported blockchains. Described as a “Web3 alternative to centralized IoT management platforms,” AYDO’s initiative aims to enhance the versatility of IoT networking, particularly for decentralized physical infrastructure networks, known as DePINs.


Empowering Smart Home Devices through Web3 Integration


For Smart Home readers interested in IoT Evolution, the proposed platform envisions smart devices such as lights, plugs, and sensors exchanging data and sending it to any supported blockchain. This aligns with the utilization of the ZigBee protocol, supporting over 3,000 devices to simplify the setup and control of smart home environments.


AYDO’s Vision for IoT Data Control


AYDO’s CEO, Oleksandr Markin, emphasizes the pivotal role of data in most IoT applications and highlights AYDO’s commitment to providing users with control over their data. The integration with peaq’s privacy-first Web3 platform is expected to deliver a powerful tool for DePINs, addressing customers’ evolving IoT needs during a period of rapid growth in the IoT sector.


Peaq Co-founder Envisions Versatile Connectivity Boost


Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq, acknowledges the significance of the integration, foreseeing a substantial boost for DePINs built on peaq. The collaboration with AYDO is expected to provide a versatile tool for connecting millions of devices, breathing life into IoT networks and adding significant value to the growing ecosystem.


In conclusion, the partnership between AYDO and peaq signifies a significant step toward revolutionizing IoT ecosystems by seamlessly integrating Web3 technology. As the smart home market continues its upward trajectory, this collaboration aims to address privacy concerns and enhance the versatility of IoT networking through decentralized solutions.

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