Barbie Enters the Metaverse with ‘Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon’ on Roblox October 9, 2023 October 9, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Barbie Enters the Metaverse with ‘Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon’ on Roblox

Barbie, the renowned toy brand cherished by generations, has ventured into the metaverse in collaboration with Gamefam, a gaming developer. This partnership, in conjunction with Mattel, the parent company of Barbie, aims to transport the beloved Barbie Dreamhouse into the virtual realm of Roblox. The result is an exciting new experience titled ‘Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon,’ which invites users to dive into the enchanting Barbie universe, personalize their avatars, and explore an array of Barbie-themed fashion offerings.


Fashion Frenzy in the Metaverse:

At the heart of this digital collaboration lies an extensive fashion collection, featuring both timeless dresses and contemporary looks inspired by the recent Barbie movie. Additionally, players can access attire from Forever 21 and Mattel’s exclusive Barbie-themed collection. What sets this fashion collection apart is its dual existence – not confined solely to the metaverse but available for purchase in the physical world. This innovative approach allows players to express their style choices in both digital and offline realms.


A Unique NFT Perspective:

Beyond fashion, the game introduces an intriguing element with the inclusion of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These NFT products, the outcome of a partnership with Boss Beauties, commemorate Barbie’s extensive career, which spans an impressive 250 roles in the movie. As NFTs gain traction as one-of-a-kind digital assets, this collaboration introduces a novel dimension to the iconic Barbie brand.


Gamefam’s Perspective:

Ricardo Briceno, Chief Business Officer at Gamefam, emphasized the significance of bringing Barbie’s enchanting world to the Roblox community. He underscored the impeccable timing of this venture, aligning with Barbie’s current popularity, which adds even greater meaning to the tycoon-style game for devoted fans. ‘Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon’ transcends the concept of creating dreamhouses by offering an enticing array of purchasable outfit collections and stylish items for users to revel in.


Accessible Across Platforms:

‘Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon’ has been meticulously designed to be accessible to a broad user base. The game can be enjoyed for free on Roblox and is compatible with various platforms and devices, spanning consoles, PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Its launch on October 6th has opened the doors for millions of Barbie aficionados and Roblox enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the virtual realm of Barbie’s Dreamhouse.



Barbie’s foray into the metaverse with ‘Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon’ on Roblox represents a significant step in reimagining the iconic toy brand for the digital age. By seamlessly blending fashion, nostalgia, and emerging NFT trends, this collaboration creates an enticing virtual experience for fans and users alike. As Barbie continues to evolve with the times, this innovative venture on Roblox underscores the brand’s enduring appeal and its ability to stay at the forefront of entertainment and play in the modern era.

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