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Belgium Unveils Ambitious Plans for European Blockchain Infrastructure

Belgium, set to preside over the Council of the European Union in early 2024, has announced a visionary initiative to establish a European Blockchain infrastructure. This ambitious project aims to enhance the secure storage and management of official documents, including driving licenses and property titles, throughout the European Union.


Prioritizing Pan-European Blockchain Infrastructure:

Belgium’s upcoming presidency identifies the development of a public blockchain for pan-European infrastructure as one of its four primary objectives. Alongside this, the presidency aims to implement measures related to artificial intelligence (AI), regulate online anonymity, and foster the necessary digital skills to bolster Europe’s digital sovereignty.


The Vision of Mathieu Michel:

Mathieu Michel, Belgium’s secretary of state for digitization, emphasizes the need for a common blockchain infrastructure managed by the government. He advocates for the use of a public blockchain over a private one, asserting that it provides citizens with control over their data in terms of security, transparency, and privacy—an attribute absent in private blockchains.


Reviving the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) Project:

To expedite the plan, Michel proposes reviving the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) project initiated by the European Union in 2018. The renewed project, now named Europeum, will collaborate with the European Blockchain partnership, comprising 27 EU member states, Norway, and Liechtenstein. Initial signatories to this initiative include Italy, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Luxembourg, and Romania.


Europeum’s Role in Public Administration:

Europeum, as envisaged by the Belgian presidency, will be utilized for various public administration tasks, including the verification of driving licenses and other documents across the EU. This collaborative effort signifies a significant step toward harmonizing blockchain technology for mutual benefit.


Proposal for a European Algorithms Agency:

In addition to the blockchain initiative, Belgium’s presidency will propose the establishment of a ‘European Algorithms Agency.’ This agency is envisioned as a knowledge center, offering expertise and guidance to policymakers, businesses, and the public on the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.


EU’s Recent Digital Identity Wallet Decision:

While the EU has recently agreed to introduce an EU Digital Identity Wallet for securely storing official documents, the decision file does not explicitly mention blockchain technology. This has led to some confusion about the EU’s stance on the adoption of emerging technologies.



Belgium’s unveiling of plans for a European Blockchain infrastructure signals a positive inclination within the EU toward exploring innovative technologies for the public sector. If successfully implemented, Europeum has the potential to revolutionize the management and storage of digital documents, marking a significant advancement in the EU’s digital landscape.

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