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Best NFT Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2023

A new entrant into the crypto world will find it immensely difficult to segregate valuable, high-quality non-fungible token (NFT) from the artificially hyped ones.

NFTs did exist before 2021, but last year saw the sector reach main stream. While eyebrow raising prices of certain unique NFTs often hogged the limelight, aggregate trading volume skyrocketed to over $10.65 billion in 3Q21, reflecting a growth of 38,000% on y-o-y basis.

1. Instagram ID: @nft.pad
Number of posts: 78; Follower count: 767,000
nft.pad is one of the fast growing NFT (non-fungible token) focused Instagram page, which has made 78 posts and followed by 767,000. The page presents crypto enthusiasts with carefully chosen, relevant information regarding non-fungible token market. The page not only provides info on NFTs that command huge value in the market, but also alerts followers about potential scams.
Additionally, the page keeps its followers abreast of free NFT giveaways conducted by various firms and organizations. Similar to the crypto world, early entry is a must to reap big returns in the NFT domain. In this regard, the nft.pad Instagram page informs its followers about latest announcements regarding minting of NFTs and enables them to be a part of whitelist.
Notably, the @nft.pad page also provides info on initiatives taken by multi-national companies and organizations in the NFT landscape. So, the page is highly recommended for both newbie and experts tracking the NFT sector.

2. Instagram ID: @NFT.Magazine
Number of posts: 395; Follower count: 246,000
NFT.Magazine is the leading publication for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptographic artworks. The journal also operates the social media page NFT auction, while showcasing notable artisans and their artworks on the platform. There are some very stunning works among them, and time spent on the platform is definitely well spent, particularly if the visitor is a NFT collector.

3. Instagram ID: @OpenSea
Number of posts: 588; Follower count: 935,000
In the world of NFTs, OpenSea is the biggest marketplace, facilitating billions worth transactions per day. OpenSea platform allows creators to mint, purchase, distribute, and explore different types of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In their Instagram posts, they inform followers about the forthcoming NFT project. Additionally, subscribers will be able to access additional details about the project via a link in their profile.

4. Instagram ID: @Metav3rse
Number of posts: 358; Follower count: 1.20million
In less than six months of creating their NFT-focused Instagram profile, the Metav3rse community grew to over one million followers. The appeal of the page is increasing as a result of the high level of consistency in the information that is being given.
Wave and Rpnickson are the creators of the Metave3rse page. Wave has previous expertise in creating finely structured Instagram accounts, such as @bestcelebrations and @culture, which you can see here.

Rpnikson is the owner of MuseWorks, a digital content studio specializing in the development of creative applications. His photo NFT Lost Sernetity can be viewed on OpenSea, and you can discover more of his oeuvre on his website. The Metav3rse Instagram page displays the years of knowledge and competence that they have gathered as a group. An important aspect that stands out in the Metav3rse Instagram page is that they post tweets associated to NFT by giving a large shout out in the NFT area in a gorgeous Instagram Carousel style, which is unique to the page. A follower of this page will find it easy to understand NFT and web3 in general.

5. Instagram ID:
Number of posts: 1,471; Follower count: 350,000
Superrare is another must visit fast growing Instagram page sharing a wide range of crypto artworks listed on the market place. Interestingly, each post provides detailed info regarding the NFT (non-fungible token) and its price in Ether (ETH).

Against the backdrop of NFT mania, fresh trends such as shared world creation and creative artwork have loomed, while top brands such as Visa and Adidas made an entry. Things change on a regular basis as new PFP (profile pictures) series emerge, others fade away into oblivion and yet others jostle for place on the charts.In this regard, Instagram has become one of the most dependable ways to get educated and remain abreast about NFTs. As crypto art in the form of non-fungible tokens gained traction last year, many Instagram accounts dedicated to the budding sector have been set up to update enthusiasts with relevant information.

This implies that influencers have a huge impact on the NFT domain. Instagram based influencers are crucial as the artists and content producers themselves are public figures, stewards, marketplace stakeholders, and trendsetters who foster NFT initiatives on YouTube, Discord, Instagram, and, needless to say, Twitter—their principal platform of choice—and other social media platforms.
In fact, TikTok released their own NFT series by collaborating with major creators and popular artists on restricted NFTs. Notably, Instagram and Reddit are studying NFT domains. Also, the Reddit co-founder has established a $200 million fund for web 3.0 initiatives.

Identifying and investing in a suitable NFT venture is necessary for realizing impressive returns. For this, it is a must to follow quality influencers on Instagram platform. To simplify the process, we have provided the list of quality NFT influencers on Instagram, based on the growth, subscriber size and most importantly post quality.

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