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BIGG Digital Assets’ TerraZero and Paidia Gaming Forge Partnership for Next-Gen Online Self-Expression

BIGG Digital Assets, a player in the cryptocurrency market, has revealed a strategic collaboration between its subsidiary, TerraZero, and Paidia Gaming. This partnership aims to propel online self-expression into its next evolutionary phase, combining the strengths of TerraZero’s digital experience development and Web 3.0 technology with Paidia Gaming’s inclusive gaming community and tech expertise.

Revolutionizing Self-Expression in the Metaverse:

TerraZero, a vertically integrated digital experience development group, specializes in creating branded metaverse environments. Through this collaboration, Paidia Gaming, a women-led gaming, tech, and media company boasting over 200,000 users in its inclusive gaming community, will leverage TerraZero’s Intraverse technology. This technology serves as a scalable plug-and-play virtual environment builder with community development and ecommerce features tailored for artists, content creators, brands, and businesses.


Developing Unique Solutions for User Personalization:

Paidia Gaming intends to utilize Intraverse technology to craft new gaming and content-sharing solutions aimed at capturing each user’s unique personality. These solutions encompass events, collaborations with emerging voices and cutting-edge brands, and points of connection between audiences and creators, streamers, and gamers.


Strategic Vision for Mass Impact:

The partnership envisions reaching millions and creating diverse avenues for collaboration among gaming communities, influencers, artists, brands, and players. By combining gaming production and metaverse expertise, the companies seek to elevate the online self-expression experience to new heights.


CEO Perspectives:

Jill Kenney, CEO of Paidia, emphasized their commitment to providing inclusive and digitally advanced experiences for women and diverse gamers. She highlighted the importance of partnering with organizations pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and the collaboration with TerraZero aligns with this mission.


Dan Reitzik, CEO of TerraZero, expressed the belief that the metaverse should be accessible to everyone. He highlighted the evolution of gaming into a more community-driven experience and praised Paidia for being a standout outfit in this regard. According to Reitzik, the collaboration with Paidia represents the next version of the internet, where users experience content in unprecedented ways, moving beyond mere consumption.


BIGG Digital Assets’ Strategic Investments:

BIGG Digital Assets positions itself as a forward-looking investor in the cryptocurrency sector, focusing on safety, compliance, and regulation. Apart from TerraZero, its portfolio includes Netcoins, a North American crypto exchange, and Blockchain Intelligence Group, specializing in crypto compliance and risk-assessment technology.


Financial Overview:

As of the latest trading session, BIGG Digital Assets’ penny stock (CSE:BIGG) opened at C$0.27 per share, maintaining an unchanged position. The stock has demonstrated a 3.85% increase year-over-year and a remarkable 285.71% growth since 2018.



The collaboration between TerraZero and Paidia Gaming marks a strategic move in the realm of online self-expression, leveraging technology to create immersive experiences in the metaverse. As BIGG Digital Assets continues to invest in the cryptocurrency landscape, this partnership aligns with their commitment to fostering innovation and accessibility in the evolving digital ecosystem.**

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