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Bitget Unveils Innovative Initiative Recognizing Blockchain Achievements: The Bitget Smart Awards

Bitget, a renowned platform specializing in crypto derivatives and copy trading, has introduced a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at honoring and showcasing exceptional accomplishments and individuals within the blockchain domain. Known as the Bitget Smart Awards, this pioneering awards program serves as a testament to the platform’s commitment to recognizing exceptional performance in vital on-chain activities that are instrumental in shaping the trajectory of the decentralized world.

The foundation of this initiative lies in a strategic partnership with 0xScope, a prominent player in the field of blockchain analytics solutions. This collaboration not only underscores Bitget’s dedication to fostering excellence and innovation across the blockchain spectrum but also embodies the ethos of “Trade smarter,” a central theme of the platform’s rebranding campaign.

Celebrating Excellence in Blockchain and Copy Trading through Unprecedented Recognition

The Bitget Smart Awards stand as a testament to the platform’s unwavering commitment to advancing the capabilities and acknowledgment of individuals who make significant contributions to the advancement of blockchain technologies and copy trading. By identifying and spotlighting these remarkable on-chain activities, the initiative aims to empower individuals by providing them with a diverse set of tools, knowledge, investment strategies, and insights.

According to the official announcement, the Bitget Smart Awards comprise two primary categories—the Smart Money Awards and the Hero Trader Awards. These categories are designed to showcase exceptional investment activities through a comprehensive analysis of on-chain data.

Memecoin Master: This distinguished award celebrates blockchain addresses that demonstrate an exceptional knack for identifying concealed meme coin opportunities and making early investments that result in substantial returns.

Airdrop Hunter: Recognizing the pivotal role of airdrops in the crypto ecosystem, this accolade commends blockchain addresses that exhibit exceptional activity and expertise in capitalizing on valuable crypto airdrop opportunities.

NFT Guru: As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reshape the concept of digital ownership, this award pays tribute to blockchain addresses that exhibit notable expertise in curating a diverse NFT collection and achieving noteworthy gains from their investments in digital collectibles.

Wealth Hunter: Distinguished performers in Bitget’s 2023 copy trading competition will earn the esteemed title of Wealth Hunters, having emerged victorious from intensive head-to-head trading battles.

Trader of The People: In this category, Bitget will identify the most popular elite trader from each region and bestow upon them the fan-favorite prize.

The much-anticipated Bitget EmpowerX Summit, scheduled to take place in Singapore on September 12, 2023, will serve as the platform for honoring the well-deserving winners of the Bitget Smart Awards. This exclusive summit is set to bring together visionary leaders and industry trailblazers, offering attendees an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a dynamic atmosphere of innovation and learning.

Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, expressed, “The Bitget Smart Awards initiative, combined with the Bitget EmpowerX Summit, embodies Bitget’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of blockchain by acknowledging and commemorating those who are steering the industry toward unprecedented horizons. This endeavor seamlessly aligns with Bitget’s overarching mission of empowering individuals to navigate the intricate landscape of crypto and blockchain with utmost confidence.”

The EmpowerX Summit will not only provide award recipients with recognition and exposure within the blockchain community but also facilitate invaluable networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. Furthermore, attendees of the summit will gain access to insightful perspectives, strategic knowledge, and networking avenues within the blockchain sector.

In sum, the Bitget Smart Awards initiative, in conjunction with the Bitget EmpowerX Summit, exemplifies Bitget’s resolute dedication to shaping the future of the blockchain realm by acknowledging and celebrating those who are propelling the industry toward new frontiers. This initiative seamlessly aligns with Bitget’s broader mission of empowering individuals to confidently navigate the intricate terrain of the crypto and blockchain landscape.

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