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Bitget Wallet Integrates with Core for Enhanced Blockchain Experience

Bitget Wallet, formerly recognized as BitKeep Wallet, has recently extended its blockchain compatibility by integrating with Core (Core DAO), an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain. This strategic integration is aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. Users can now effortlessly access the Core mainnet with a single tap, thanks to a user-friendly interface embedded in Bitget Wallet, simplifying the process of obtaining their mainnet address and effectively managing Core tokens, whether for receiving or transferring assets.


Bitget Wallet’s New Features


In addition to streamlined token management, Bitget Wallet introduces an innovative DApp Browser, designed to enable seamless interactions with popular blockchain projects within the Core ecosystem. This user-friendly browser allows users to explore and engage with various DApps built on the Core ecosystem, including well-known projects such as LayerZero, SushiSwap, DappRadar, TaskOn, and numerous others. What sets Bitget Wallet’s DApp browser apart is its extensive selection, offering access to over 20,000 mainstream DApps spanning various mainnets.


Collaborative Efforts and Ecosystem Event


To further solidify its relationship with Core (Core DAO), Bitget Wallet is set to host a significant ecosystem event. As part of this event, Bitget Wallet will generously distribute airdrop rewards to community members, fostering engagement and participation in the growing Core ecosystem.


Bitget Wallet’s Integration with Core DAO


The integration between Bitget Wallet and Core (Core DAO) marks a notable step in the expansion of blockchain compatibility. While Bitget Wallet was previously known as BitKeep Wallet, its transformation into Bitget Wallet reflects its commitment to providing an advanced and inclusive blockchain experience.


Bitget Wallet’s users now have the advantage of easily connecting to the Core mainnet. The streamlined process, made possible by a user-friendly interface, simplifies the task of obtaining a mainnet address and proficiently managing Core tokens. Whether it involves receiving or transferring assets, users can now perform these actions seamlessly within the robust features of Bitget Wallet.


The Power of Bitget Wallet DApp Browser


One of the standout features of Bitget Wallet’s latest integration is the Bitget Wallet DApp Browser. This innovative browser opens the door to enhanced interactions with various DApps in the Core ecosystem, making it easier for users to access and engage with these decentralized applications.


The DApp Browser allows Bitget Wallet users to explore and utilize DApps from the Core ecosystem with unprecedented ease. Some of the prominent DApps accessible through this browser include LayerZero, SushiSwap, DappRadar, TaskOn, and a wide array of others. With a diverse selection that spans over 20,000 mainstream DApps across multiple mainnets, Bitget Wallet’s DApp browser stands out as a one-stop shop for all decentralized application enthusiasts.


Bitget Wallet’s Commitment to the Core Ecosystem


In a move that underscores their commitment to the Core ecosystem, Bitget Wallet is collaborating with Core (Core DAO) to organize a significant ecosystem event. This event is set to be a win-win for both Bitget Wallet users and the wider Core community. As part of this event, Bitget Wallet will generously distribute airdrop rewards to community members.


This collaborative effort aims to strengthen the Core ecosystem and encourage active participation. Airdrop rewards are a proven method to incentivize community engagement, and Bitget Wallet’s initiative is poised to attract and retain members who contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.


In Conclusion


The integration of Bitget Wallet with Core (Core DAO) brings a host of new possibilities and enhanced functionality to Bitget Wallet users. With a streamlined process to access the Core mainnet, simplified token management, and the introduction of the Bitget Wallet DApp Browser, the user experience has been significantly upgraded.


As the Bitget Wallet team joins forces with Core (Core DAO) to host an ecosystem event featuring airdrop rewards, the community stands to benefit from this collaboration. This event is a testament to the growing importance of collaborative efforts within the blockchain space, highlighting the significance of expanding blockchain compatibility and fostering community engagement.

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